invisible forest

I really enjoyed Antero’s The Greater Circulation, which I had the pleasure of seeing at the Hollywood Theater a couple years ago. I’m excited to see his latest film. Antero will be on hand at each screening to talk about his film and answer questions.

Thursday June 5, 9pm: DIVA Center, Eugene OR $5.
Friday June 6, 9:30pm: Hollywood Theatre, Portland OR $6.50
Sunday June 15, 2pm: NW Film Forum, Seattle WA. $8.
Wed. June 18, 8:30pm: Pickford Cinema, Bellingham WA $7.50
Friday June 27, 7pm: Shiny Object, West Sacramento. $5.

The Trailer (3 min.)


A sleep-deprived theatre director undergoes hypnotic regression to stop a reoccurring nightmare and unexpectedly participates in an ancient dreamtime ritual that sends him through the labyrinths of madness and transcendence in Antero Alli’s surrealistic journey, “The Invisible Forest”.

Inspired by the radical ideas of French playwright Antonin Artaud, the filmmaker also borrows from Rimbaud’s poetics of delirium for the “deliberate disorientation of the senses” to achieve a series of altered states. In Alli’s own words, “Cinema is a drug. If some movies put us to sleep like
tranquilizers and others jack us up like triple espressos, The Invisible Forest is a 100% organic, user-friendly hallucinogen”.

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