The bankruptcy of the Unites States of America

While this is an interesting and short read, worth its perusal, I found this little snippet quite interesting about possible solutions to help the U.S. out of its sinking situation. I’m interested in the first point, but like I said, the whole thing is worth reading:

We might possibly be saved, he explains, if the nation engages in massive, radical reform in three areas: 1) Eliminating the current income tax system and moving to a national retail sales tax of 33 percent. 2) Privatizing social security so that workers own their savings accounts and the federal government can no longer swipe funds from Social Security. 3) Launching a national health insurance program that covers everyone and relies on a system of government-issued vouchers that citizens can spend with health insurance companies.

Full article via NewsTarget, by Mike Adams


  1. national retail sales tax of 33 percent

    Gee I wonder who getting to get hit the hardest with that ?

  2. People that buy stuff?

  3. People who don’t have investments.
    People who spend the highest percentage of their income on necessities.

  4. more right wing crap isn’t going to get us out of a hole that right wing crap dug/caused.

  5. Nor will American dualities in thinking.

    You believe more federal involvement will help solve anything?

    I don’t mind the concept of the sales tax. I also like the idea, not represented therein, of more power existing in municipalities rather than higher up. I pray for the day of the city-state.

  6. I gotta disagree with you Fell. Try living in the “Windy City” who got it’s nickname from their notoriously corrupt politicians. In the state where one of it’s former governors (George Ryan) is serving time in jail. The “city-state” is NOT the solution. What is the solution? Good question…

  7. I think this is a bias Americans have, as do probably a lot of more “corrupt” nations. What about cities like Vancouver and Portland, or Scandinavia. It’s not the system, no system is perfect.

    The cultures are what breed the corrupt.

    Case in point, I don’t remember if it’s Sweden or Switzerland, but everyone has to serve time in the military, and almost every single household has an automatic weapon in it. They bring their weapons home from “work,” in this case. Yet it has some of the lowest violent crime statistics.

    At the heart of this argument is taking responsibility. Don’t blame the systems, find one that works for you. Don’t blame the politicians, take the time out to do something about them. Don’t ever complain unless you’re willing to acknowledge they’re interconnected with your life and the only victims are the ones that see themselves that way.

    There is corruption simply because They Can.

    “The question isn’t who is going to let me; it’s who is going to stop me?” ?Ayn Rand

    I firmly believe in that quote. And just cuz someone else doesn’t, it doesn’t mean it’s not true for someone else. In the end, it’s all about responsibility to oneself. No one is handing it out, you have to take it.

  8. this is typical right wing think tank crap. blah.

  9. i’d be leery of anything written by mike adams. he tends to profit from fear-mongering.

    Mike Adams’ Y2K Site

  10. Thanks, Anon. Good to know. 🙂

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