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Festival of Fire Celebrates Truly Dangerous Art

fire arts

The Fire Arts Festival, held July 11 to 14 in Oakland, California, showcased the work of more than 400 artists, actors and sculptors whose medium of choice is flame.

Hosted by arts collective The Crucible, the festival included showings of The Fire Odyssey, a theatrical interpretation of Homer’s epic story with lots of fiery special effects. The festival also included what organizers called “the largest collection of outdoor fire sculpture on the West Coast.” It added up to a huge, mesmerizing display of flickering flame — and a blazing celebration of creativity and industry.

Full Story: Wired.

Barely Legal: American Absinthe Passes the Taste Test

The absinthe revival, which has been on the move for more than a decade, just took a leap forward.

For years, American aficionados of the banned beverage that inspired such artists as Vincent Van Gogh and Marilyn Manson, have made do with quasi-legally imported European brands or, worse yet, near-substitutes made without wormwood, the critical ingredient that gives absinthe its distinctive, biting taste.

Full Story: Wired.

Hmmm… I’m not really buying the “low thujone” theory but this article’s worth a read.

A Codex Serpahinianus Gallery

Codex Serpahinianus cliffs

Imagine Re-Designing Reality

Just hypothetically, of course. It only has to work on paper. You could also use legos, or design a computer program, or make several million dollars just to prove a point with it. Any which way, imagine being able to free up your mind enough to achieve a truly blank slate. Imagine re-building a culture that’s not based on suspicion, fear and struggles for control. How much could humans change? Would it take a few generations to achieve-or just a couple really great parties?

Full Story: Brainsturbator (includes link to PDF copy)

Experiments in lucid dreaming

Everyone, even coked-out party monsters and meth freaks, must sleep. Even liver-bruising doses of Provigil will only let most people function thirty hours consecutively, and then it’s time to pay dear Morpheus. For those of us who have better things to do then sleep, this is a problem. The past several months, one of my personal projects has been to cultivate lucidity while sleeping in order to make some use of this time. As one Tibetan monk put it, if a man lives one hundred years but remains waking while asleep, ‘it is as though he lives two hundred years’. And the Tibetan monks would be the ones to listen to on this topic, as they have spent about the past two millenia hanging out in the bleakest environment on earth mastering their minds through magick and meditation. One of the technologies to which they have devoted much attention is Dream Yoga.

Full Story: From the Laboratory.

Court takes Sub Genius woman’s son, bars her from keeping Sub Genius materials in her home

From The High Weirdness Project:

After originally being scheduled for June 22, the decision of the appeals court in the case of Reverend Magdalen has been announced. In a brief two-page announcement, the court has awarded custody of her son to the father. Stating that the father “deserved” custody of Magdalen’s son, the court declared that the father’s home would be his primary residence, and the matter is being referred back to family court to arrange for visitation rights for her.

The decision cancels a number of paragraphs of the decision of Judge Eric Adams, in January 2007. However, it does not remove Judge Adams’ order for Magdalen to remove all SubGenius materials from her home. Even though her son is no longer in her custody, she still cannot keep any SubGenius materials in her own home, except for a specially designated “office.”

Magdalen is still conferring with her lawyer at this time, and has not yet made a statement.

The actual .PDF document of the court decision can be seen here:

Please remember that this case has cost Magdalen over $70,000, and she is in need of any donations to her legal fund that can be given. If you wish to donate to her legal fund, please click here:

I just don’t have the words.

(via Trevor Blake on American Samizdat).

Daniel Tammet, incredible depth of understanding and learning

A remarkable young man, exhibiting stunning mental abilities. Daniel Paul Tammet born 31 Jan 1979 claims to see colours and sparks, which he can somehow relate to words and numbers. Scientists consider him a gold mine to further investigation into the understanding of brain activity and potential. (Link to article continued.)

Awesome light Graffiti

Lichfaktor’s flickr


(Via Chris23)

The future of media

I was trying to articulate some thoughts on these very concepts earlier this year. However, I didn’t do nearly as poignant job as the Casaleggio Associati. What I find interesting is how this renders our interest in the occult. If everyone is going to have access to the things we sometimes struggle to grasp in our studies these days. Perhaps we should just work diligently to make sure the road is paved for the revolution as predicted by this video (and the likes of others, just check out Ray Kurzweil or any number of Boing Boing posts).

Burning Man and “the fight to avoid buying, selling, or processing in a wealthy modernity”

But Burning Man is rife with the products of corporations, and always has been. And has always had to be. The prepared food items and bottled water we live on out there; the portajohns our wastes go in after eating that food and drinking that water; the tents we sleep in, the pipe and metal domes we lounge under, the clothes we wear, either exotic or normal-all sold to us not for fellow-feeling but by monied interests, usually corporate, who just want our cash. For Burning Man to be truly free of the products of corporate commerce, it would be a zone we could survive in for at most a few hours, and grimly at that.

Full Story: Reason.

Freeman and Alex Jones on the Discovery Channel

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