Technoccult straw-poll

After posting the Ron Paul thing, I’m curious as to the political leanings of readers of this site…

Vote in the poll here.


  1. Extremely liberal. but i honestly don’t think democracy works. I’m more into the most informed person on a subject making the decision. I

    I don’t vote, i find it degrading. Like picking which person is gonna ass rape you in prison.

  2. Not a very granular poll, but what the hell. I tend towards a sort of individualist anarchism/situationism. I believe most forms of government will work somewhat OK if individuals take individual responsibility for their decisions, but that a light mixture of capitalism, socialism, and demcracy seems to harness our selfish drives in the least hideous fashion. I used to think that voting only encouraged them, but finally realized that our current political parties like it best when the fewest vote — easier to control and predict — and that ever lessening participation is never, by itself, going to lead to reform. I don’t think democracy works well (not that we really have democracy here), but it’s better than the currently available alternatives. With a population this large and indifferently educated, we’re in very serious trouble.

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