Review Sees No Advantage in 12-Step Programs

New York Times Reports:

When Alcoholics Anonymous and other 12-step programs are examined in controlled studies, a new review reports, scientists find no proof that they are superior to any other intervention in reducing alcohol dependence or alcohol-related problems.

The researchers, led by Marica Ferri of the Italian Agency for Public Health in Rome, found little to suggest that 12-step programs reduced the severity of addiction any more than any other intervention. And no data showed that 12-step interventions were any more – or any less – successful in increasing the number of people who stayed in treatment or reducing the number who relapsed after being sober.

Full Story: New York Times.

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    These folks undid scads of AA damage in my life. (Not sooo sure about their ideas on sex addiction, but that’s not a problem.)
    Well worth a look.

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