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Men in Black

Invisble College collects links and resources regarding “the men in black.”

Invisible College: MIB

Extensive magic, spirituality, etc. resource


I linked to their Hermetic Qabalah page a week or two ago. But check out the whole site. There’s “over 1500 pages, dedicated to a new scientific and esoteric evolutionary paradigm concerning the nature of existence and its infinite metamorphoses, and the transformation of the Earth and the planetary consciousness to a post-singularity state of Supramental (Infinite Truth-Consciousness) divinisation.”

Aboriginal Spirituality

Theory of Everything

The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram

Tell us about your magickal music

Over at Key 23 we’ve got an open thread for linking to and explaining your magic related music.

Key 23: Magick & Musick

Burning Man artists petition

I’m not active enough in the BM culture to have an opinion on this, but some people might find it interesting.

We Have a Dream Petition

(via Zen Werewolf)

Various philosophical interpretations of movies

Exhaustive collection of interpretations of popular film.


8 Mile: Eminem stars as Jesus Christ, King of the Jews, in a movie that?s all about being righteous.

The Big Lebowski: Jeff Bridges stars as the Buddha in a film that?s all about enlightenment.

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Adam on Design Engaged

Adam thinks the future of the ‘net may be in web services after all (I’m not sure I agree):

I also find it verrrrry interesting, and not at all coincidental, that at least two of the above-named applications (Konfabulator and Quicksilver) [Flickr is the other above named application] and possibly all three point towards an emergent theme of my Design Engaged, which is the disappearance of Web sites and standard applications in favor of little distributed chunks of functionality.

(Yeah, I know you’ve heard the “Web services” spiel before. You have reason to be skeptical. But this time it’s actually started to happen, and maybe you’ll find that makes the argument a little more convincing. Certainly when I look at an image from Flickr in an RSS feed, and immediately send it on to someone in an IM window, without ever engaging my Web browser, I get the sense that something epochal is yet again happening. And that, my friends, is fodder for the next discussion.)

RIP Jhonn Balance

From the Coil web site:

We are greatly saddened to have to you that at about 5.30 pm Saturday Nov 13th, Jhonn Balance, was killed in an accident at home.

Under the influence of alcohol he fell from the first floor landing, hitting his head on the floor some 15ft below.

Key23 has an open thread for posting magickal audio files. Anyone doing a tribute to Balance is welcome to post a link there.

J-Lou has a Coil track in his November 15th entry.

New translation of the Torah


A professor at the University of California at Berkeley, Alter says since he has never found a biblical translation that he liked or could recommend to his comparative literature students, he decided to do his own, starting with the story of Genesis and ending with the death of Moses.

Al Jazeera: Revised English translation for Torah

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Phil Hine: we need a revolution in how occult texts are written

From Phil Hine’s online journal:

I’m currently reading Karen McCarthy Brown’s Mama Lola: A Vodou Priestess in Brooklyn – a really enthralling book that is just streets ahead of anything I’ve ever seen by “occult” writers on the subject of Vodou. Brown is one of the “new wave” of academics who do not shy from placing themselves as subjects within their narratives so that their own feelings, experiences, etc., are part of the story. I’ve read quite a few works that take this approach recently – Meena Khandelwal’s Women in Ochre Robes: Gendering Hindu Renunciation being another fine example – and the more I read them, the less inclined I am to go back to reading ‘occult’ books, which tend to be dreary and simplistic in comparison.

Occult web boards and magazines periodically resound to cries of writers advocating some kind of “occult revolution” – the desire to find a new direction or ethos. Of course, this has been going on ever since the advent of Chaos Magic in the late ’70’s. If anything, I feel what’s needed is a “revolution” in how texts are “written”.

Phil Hine: we need a revolution in how occult texts are written

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The Art of Miles Thompson


Miles Thompson

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