MonthSeptember 2002

High-Tech Paganism with Your Host Tim Leary!

This is an old article from R.U. Sirius’s pre-Mondo 2000 magazine Reality Hackers. I was gonna OCR scan it and put it online, but it turns out someone already did.

Since God #1 appears to be held hostage back there by the blood-thirsty Persian Ayatollah, by the telegenic Polish Pope and the Moral Majority, there’s only one logical alternative. You “steer” your own course. You start your own religion. The Temple is your body. Your mind writes the theology. And the Holy Spirit emanates from that infinitely mysterious intersection between your brain and your DNA.

Load and Run High-tech Paganism-Digital Polytheism
by Timothy Leary and Eric Gullichsen

(via Anders Transhuman Page).

Update: this has also been re-published by R.U.’s latest publication, H+, but without the opening quotes from Crowley and Gibson.

See also: Cyberculture History: The High-Tech Pagan Origins of the .to Domain Names

How to Live in a Simulation

Recently, Post-Atomic linked to this article about Nick Bostrom’s theory that we may be living in a simulation. Then Boing Boing posted a link to Bostrom’s paper. It makes me realize that Robin Hanson’s essay How to Live in a Simulation might be useful.

CNN Axes Connie Chung’s Conspiracy Theory

From the story:

CNN spiked Connie Chung’s widely-publicized “expose” on Yale University’s Order of Skull & Bones, chapter 322, which counts among its membership President George W. Bush and his father and grandfather before him, and influential aide and former National Security Advisor Brent Scowcroft, and Connie Chung ain’t talking.

Todd Brendan Fahey: CNN Refuses to Run Connie Chung’s Skull & Bones Broadcast

(via New World Disorder)

DIY 3D Animation

The new big thing in DIY media is machinima, 3D animations created in real time using video game engines. These “zero-budget” films are shot in virtual reality and then distributed online.

(via Street Tech)

See also: Wikipedia entry on machinima.

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