One of the best interviews I’ve read with Grant Morrison has been published by Sequential Tart.

Perhaps I’m unnaturally attuned to unreal worlds and characters. At an important time in my life, between the ages of 12 and 19, I was practically autistic at home. I had a lot of fun at a boys school during the day but evenings were grim beyond Morrissey’s most rueful yodellings, spent huddled in our flat above the Finefare, drawing my own homemade comic books and writing fantasy novels with cock in hand (see Flex Mentallo #3 ). I believe utterly in the ‘reality’ of fictional characters and assume that they all exist independently of my imagination with needs and requirements of their own, like Buddhist tulpa thoughtforms. I’ve always felt that my best writing is more like channeling the voices and adventures of real characters doing this stuff in a real place – the comic as it exists in the future perhaps. Call me crazy if you like but it’s working very well for me so I’m unlikely to be convinced at this stage that my conclusions are mistaken.

Sequential Tart: Punching Holes Through Time Grant Morrison

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