A Web Guide to the Wisdom of Insanity

The link to the site “Tons of Trickster,” linked to in the below Utne Reader article, is broken, but can be found in the Way Back Machine. It’s an excellent collection of articles and links to information about the insights and wisdom of the insane.


Road Testing Crazy Wisdom

The Utne Reader reviews ‘crazy wisdom,’ its history, and how to tap into your own crazy-wisdom consciousness:

Cover your own eyes, shout ‘Guess who!’ and see what you say. Write a story in first person, switching your gender. Invent a new superstition (‘Wearing red socks on Wednesday will attract wealth’). To humorously dislodge yourself from habitual routines, spend half an hour referring to yourself as ‘the robot.’ (‘The robot is a little bored. The robot has to go to the bathroom.’)

Utne Reader: A Beginner’s Guide to Crazy Wisdom

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