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Weird Shift Con Portland 2013 Tentative Schedule

Weird Shift Con

Weird Shift Con is upon us! The gallery opens tomorrow tonight (June 7th) and there will be an opening party. The event is at galleryHOMELAND, which is in the lobby of the Ford Building, at 2505 SE 11th Ave, Portland, OR 97202.

But the “real” conference starts on the 14th. I’m hoping to make it to the party tomorrow night and to the final day, June 17th.

Here’s the tentative schedule:


19:00 Todd Dickerson’s Soup Purse performance.

20:30 Zack Denfeld’s Nanoshare: Never Enough Eyeballs

21:00 Adam Flynn hosts Secret Twitter Film Club at our opening weird-reception.


11:00 Coffee, and an informal tour of the gallery.

12:00 First group of open sign-up Nanoshares.

12:45 Michael Reinsch performs on the subject of anthropology and human evolution.

13:30 Todd Dickerson talks about his Soup Purse performance from the previous evening.

14:15 Break

14:45 Second group of open sign-up Nanoshares.

15:30 LE Long talks about “Critical Fight Studies”.

16:15 Jeff Harris and group share their Twitter Targeting System.

17:00 Break

17:30 Third group of open sign-up Nanoshares

18:00 Suzanne Fischer does a walk and talk about powers of the mind and PEAR lab.

20:00 Center for Genomic Gastronomy hosts dinner.

22:00 Evening socializing at local watering holes.


12:00 Fourth group of open sign-up Nanoshares

12:45 Another presentation: TBA.

13:30 Break

14:00 Laura Allcorn leads the We’ll See Walking Company’s special “Weird Shift” tour

14:00 Other simultaneous field trip to Kelley Butte (possibly).

16:00 Fifth group of open sign-up Nanoshares

16:45 Kyle Drake explains how “We are all already cyberpunks”

17:30 Stephanie Simek performance (pending confirmation).

18:00 A performance by Weird Fiction.

Weird Shift Con 2013 Is Coming To Portland!

Weird Shift Con

Adam Rothstein writes:

On June 14-16, 2013, in Portland, OREGON: WEIRD SHIFT CON. An aggregation of derelict theory-objects, critical aberrations, intentional anomalies, techno-magical interventions, associated archive accesses, and socio-intellectual performances over the course of the month of June culminate into an EVENT–a participatory ritual of mythic proportions, meant to bend the usual continuous milieu into a metastasizing instance of scenius.

A three-day event in the midst of a longer event. Within a month-long gallery of oddity, celebrating and curating the Weird as submitted by the event participants, three days of meetings, discussions, and shares.

Please join us, and participate

Submit Proposals for WeirdShares: para-lectures, performative pre/post-humanity, theory fictions, theory-factions, ficto-quizzical accounts, pataphysical computing, vaporware demos, gonzo futurism, and other interdisciplinary investigations and documentations that puzzle, implode, sinter and splinter (ir)realities prismatically into many new streams for retrieval and report. We are especially in search of material that can be part of the month-long gallery event, as well as be personally introduced and shared in the three-day congress.

Inform Us of your intentions by filling out the survey here by May 1, 2013.

WeirdShares will take three general forms.

  • NanoShares (7-10 minutes). Short introductions, small tastes, nanoperformances, Pecha Kucha, artist statements, abstracts, abstractions. If desired, “evidence” presented in NanoShares should be incorporated into the Gallery LongShare.
  • KiloShares (~30 minutes). Performances, explanations, exegeses, tangents, talks. We would definitely like “evidence” presented in KiloShares to become part of the Gallery LongShare.
  • LongShares (one month). The collected residue of the shorter shares, once collected, preserved, archived, stratified, documented, and in-stasis, will be shown in the gallery before/after the live share.

Attending the three-day event

Submissions are due by May 1st. After which point we will CONSPIRE a formidable constellation of said submissions, and develop an elegant schedule-maze of presentations, discussions, late-night drinks and WeirdShares of all stripes.

WE EXPECT an array of activities to emerge including informal introductions over drinks and merriment, performances, reports, and assorted vidsonic situations. The weekend also promises outward excursions, running alongside and in opposition to reality as it is commonly construed. Agoraphobes may prefer the indoor offerings of the event, from perusing the LongShare of damned data to attending the wide variety of Nano and KiloShares within the host venue,galleryHomeland. In addition to the LongShares, the venue’s amenities, including the Research Commons, the PDF Library, the Archives, and the Map Room, paired with fine coffee and edibles, will provide other itineraries betwixt and between the scheduled events.

If you are planning on coming to the three-day event, please consider contributing $5-10 to our fund. The money goes towards refreshments during the event, conference materials and swag, and a zine publication to be mailed to all funding attendees.

Donate to Weird Shift Con!

Attending the month-long event

Stop by the gallery during open hours in the month of June as well as our opening event, on the First Friday in June, which is the 7th. More details forthcoming.

I had  a blast at last year’s. There were presentations, discussions, vegan Chinese food at cultist restaurants, a field trip to a ghost town, a talk on network culture delivered on the light rail, pizza, beer…

It looks like I’m going to be out of the country during this year’s event, but I might be able to catch the last day of it. Regardless I hope to at least drop by the gallery in June.

If you like this blog, and live in Portland, you should definitely go. And donate if you can.

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