Best stuff I read this week

Who’s Afraid of Friedrich Hayek? The Obvious Truths and Mystical Fallacies of a Hero of the Right

The War on Renters

WebChannel steampunk article and slideshow

Nassim Nicholas Taleb: the prophet of boom and doom

Michelle Obama “whitey” rumor new version of old conservative urban legend that pops up every four years and Is Bogus Michelle Obama Rumor Based On A Work Of Fiction?

Best stuff I read this week

The return of “Best stuff I read this week”!

A collection of McCain’s comments in the media about the war since 2002.

Mr. Lessig goes to Washington Nation profile of Lawrence Lessig’s Change Congress.

Long article on the US’s role in the 2006 Palestinian civil war

David Rothkopf’s Newsweek article about his book Superclass

A critical review of Superclass

Jesus plus nothing: Undercover among America’s secret theocrats (finally got around to reading the whole thing)

Paedophile scares are always driven by the elite

Last two weeks best

Six Questions for Mark Crispin Miller, Author of ‘Fooled Again’

The Economist on heads of state being brought to trial for crimes while in office.

Mike Huckabee associated with white supremacist theocratic organization.

The Nation: Mike Huckabee, apocalyptic theocrat.

Putting the Ron Paul newsletters in “context.”

Why do black people spend more on conspicuous consumption than white people?

Radar Magazine on the 9/11 truth movement.

Christopher Hitchens on the toxicity of faith.

Ro b Walker on Yo Gabba Gabba.

The Luck Factor. (Googlized HTML of a PDF)

David Cronenberg on Gender.

60s Braun products compared to today’s Apple products.

10 Zen Monkeys update on Theresa Duncan.

This week’s best

Ron Paul: Angry White Man.

Abe Burmeister on how Hillary Clinton pwned the media.

Dave Weigel’s account of an explanation of why Hillary won in NH.

New York Times article on Obama’s time in Illinois senate.

Condoleezza Rice profile.

Interview with Laura Maria Agustin about “human trafficking”

Reason contributors’ notes on the economics of prostitution.

The Edge: What Have You Changed Your Mind About.

Are we running out of helium?

This week’s best

Economist’s special report on immigration. I haven’t finished reading it, but so far so good.

David Leonhardt on Clinton and Obama’s economic plans.

Seattle Times on earmarks.

Wired on voting machine security.

Columbia Journalism review on independent TV in Pakistan.

The 10 most underreported stories according to Foreign Policy.

The Oregonian covers the myth of Portland’s underground tunnels.

Psychedelic research article in the Scientific American.

Info on the CIA rendition plane that went down over Mexico with 4 tons of cocaine.

The rise of female genital mutilation in Britain.

Best stuff I read in the past two weeks

I didn’t get time to post last Sunday, and it’s been a busy week. So here’s the best stuff I read in the past two weeks:

Radley Balko’s review of this years worst erosions of civil liberties.

Vanity Fair’s expose on Guiliani’s business practices.

American Conservative’s cover story on Guiliani’s foreign policy.

Vanity Fair coverage of the deaths of Theresa Duncan and Jeremy Blake

Maynard Keenan James interview on AV Club.

Jezebel: Michelle Obama Is Not A Lighter Shade Of “Trophy” Wife.

HAARP’s military applications revealed.

Christians and Fox exploit Colorado Church Shootings.

Seven medical myths debunked.

Life extension myths debunked.

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