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Matt Taibbi on naked short-selling

Here’s how naked short-selling works: Imagine you travel to a small foreign island on vacation. Instead of going to an exchange office in your hotel to turn your dollars into Island Rubles, the country instead gives you a small printing press and makes you a deal: Print as many Island Rubles as you like, then on the way out of the country you can settle your account. So you take your printing press, print out gigantic quantities of Rubles and start buying goods and services. Before long, the cash you’ve churned out floods the market, and the currency’s value plummets. Do this long enough and you’ll crack the currency entirely; the loaf of bread that cost the equivalent of one American dollar the day you arrived now costs less than a cent.

With prices completely depressed, you keep printing money and buy everything of value — homes, cars, priceless works of art. You then load it all into a cargo ship and head home. On the way out of the country, you have to settle your account with the currency office. But the Island Rubles you printed are now worthless, so it takes just a handful of U.S. dollars to settle your debt. Arriving home with your cargo ship, you sell all the island riches you bought at a discount and make a fortune.

This is the basic outline for how to seize the assets of a publicly traded company using counterfeit stock. What naked short-sellers do is sell large quantities of stock they don’t actually have, flooding the market with “phantom” shares that, just like those Island Rubles, depress a company’s share price by making the shares less scarce and therefore less valuable.

Rolling Stone: Wall Street’s Naked Swindle

SEC hires Goldman vice president for enforcement

Talk about putting wolves in charge of protecting sheep…

A former Goldman Sachs (GS.N) vice president has been named the chief operating officer of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s enforcement division, the regulator said on Friday.

Adam Storch, who was a vice president in Goldman’s “business intelligence group,” will be responsible for managing projects and other operational aspects of the SEC’s enforcement division, the agency said.

Reuters: US SEC hires Goldman vice president for enforcement

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