Podcast round-up

Ripple: Pat Mastelotto.

Viking Youth: The Knee Deep Slumber of the American Buffet.

Point of Inquiry: Austin Dacey – The Secular Conscience.

Podcast round-up

GSPOT: Wes Unruh interviews Taylor Ellwood.

Phase II: Hypershielf Pt. 2.

GSPOT: Joseph Matheny and Chandra Shukla Interview Andrew Liles.

Viking Youth: Erik Davis on Scientology.

Viking Youth: The Knee Deep Slumber of the American Buffet.

Point of Inquiry: Norm Allen – African American Religiosity, Humanism, and Politics.

Point of Inquiry: Robert M. Price – The Paperback Apocalypse.

Adam Gorightly: Dr. Edgar Mitchell.

Adam Gorightly: Kentroversy Returns.

Occult of Personality: Bishop T Allen Greenfield on gnosticism.

Occult of Personality: Lon Milo Duquette.

Podcast round-up

It’s been way too long since I’ve done this (about a month):

Viking Youth Power Hour on Scientology.

Occult of Personality: The Life and Work of Dr. Paul Foster Case. (Plus several more).

Adam Gorightly: Richard Alan Miller. (Plus several more).

Point of Inquiry: Tom Flynn – The Science vs. Religion Warfare Thesis. (Plus several more).

Ripple: Estradasphere part 1 and part 2. (Contains a Technoccult ad!)

G-Spot: Hellhounds and Lapdogs, a conversation about the recent Alterati take down that Technoccult may have helped cause (sorry guys!)

Halfcast episode 9. My personal favorite podcast.

Podcast round-up

Halfcase episode 8.

Phase II: Wes Unruh interview.

The G-Spot episode 20 Sean Marsden interview, and more.

Plus Ultra: Joel Gilbert, writer and director of Farewell Israel: Bush, Iran, and the Revolt of Islam.

Point of Inquiry: Richard Dawkins – Science and the New Atheism.

Point of Inquiry: Student Freethought Leaders Speak Out.

The Viking Youth: How to Cook a Hippie.

Someday You Will Be Dead.

Occult of Personality: An Inquiry Into Suppressed Information.

Podcast round-up

The G-Spot Episode #15: The Eight Circuits

(I missed posting several episodes, check ’em out).

The Viking Youth Power Hour: Time Traveling.


Plus Ultra Podcast Episode: Interview with Jan Lamprecht.

(Yeah, I missed a few of these as well).

10ZM.TV: Rodney Brooks Builds Robots.

(Never linked to this one before, archives here).

All’s quiet at The R.U. Sirius Show and NeoFiles.

What else should I be including here?

Ikipr’s esoZone coverage

Ikipr’s posted a bunch of esoZone coverage, including audio from the art panel and some great interviews.

esoZone on Steal This Knowledge.

Podcast round-up


Viking Youth Power Hour: Drone on the Range.

G-Spot: The Secret Meeting.

RU Sirius Show: San Francisco Mayoral Candidate Chicken John.

NeoFiles Show: True Mutations Live! at City Lights (Part 1).

RU Sirius Show: Counterculture, Burning Man & Commerce with Larry Harvey.

Podcast round-up

Viking Youth Power Hour: Ibrahim for Citizen.

RU Sirius Show: Just Say NOSO – No Social Networking.

NeoFiles Show: Rule The Web with Mark Frauenfelder.

RU Sirius Show: Cartoons For Little Hippies.

RU Sirius Show: Tony Serra Keeps People Out of Iron Cages.

NeoFiles Show: Moira Gunn’s Biotech Nation.

RU Sirius Show: Cyborgs & Revolution.

Plus Ultra Podcast: Plus Ultra Phunny Pharm Medical Medley.

Podcast round-up

Viking Youth Power Hour: The Vikings Scope ‘Sicko!’

Gspot: Secrets, Cubes and Corporations: An Interview With Douglas Rushkoff.

RU Sirius Show: Free Paris Hilton!.

NeoFiles Show: From Vioxx To Salvia – Everybody Takes Drugs.

RU Sirius Show: Hip Hop & Hyphy Now.

RU Sirius Show: Will We Be Forced To Stop Global Warming?.

NeoFiles Show: Steve Wozniak Talks About His Favorite Pranks.

RU Sirius Show #116: The Kennedy Brothers v. The National Security Establishment.

Podcast round-up

The Viking Youth Power Hour: It Ain’t Easy Being Green.

RU Sirius Show: Legalize It!

NeoFiles Show: Kevin Poulsen’s Threat Level is A OK.

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