Video: Radiophonic Style Electronic Music Improv

That’s electronic musician Atomic Shadow, using the tools of the Radiophonic Workshop trade.

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“Burning Water” By The Anti-Group Conspiracy

“Burning Water” is an experimental film by The Anti-Group Conspiracy, a multimedia, uh, group founded by Clock DVA’s Adi Newton. Here’s the artist statement:

Film / Soundtrack “Burning Water, Meontological experiment Developed and directed by Adi Newton, develops new forms of visual expression. In this project which took five years to develop and film,specially constructed-lenses enabled filming through moving and fluid water. Inspired by the use of multiple montage techniques employed by Kenneth Anger. Especially in his inauguration of the pleasure dome. Each image in the film is taken from specific occult areas, symbols and images, and involves up to quintuple exposures of the film i.e. five montage-levels, at the time of construction a modified special computer software was adapted to treat the entire edited film and finally achieved the result. A film which relates directly to the subconscious levels of the mind, a kinetic Rorschach-test, an exploration of the resurgent atavistic and sentient symbolic systems, used by Austin Osmon Spare,
The Absence of architecture enables the mind to form new connections
“Burning Water” is an alchemical and technological enquiry into sub-states of being. A meontological visualisation beyond analytical analysis. ADI NEWTON 1986

(Thanks Julieta Randall)

For more information check out this interview with Newton.

The Original Crash!, Starring JG Ballard Himself

Before the Crash novel, JG Ballard wrote a short story of the same name. In 1971 Harley Cokeliss made an adaptation of that story:

More info:

Ballardian: Crash! Full-Tilt Autogeddon

The Paris Review: J. G. Ballard, The Art of Fiction

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Video: Cult of Zir – “Last Buffalo”

Anonymous/Telecomix Hacktivist Peter Fein Speaks Out

peter fein

Anonymous member Peter Fein deanonymizes himself in a video interview with BBC:

Anonymous ‘hactivist’ goes public on cyber protests

See also: My video interview with Fein and The Doctor.

Video: Alan Moore Reads from His Forthcoming Book Jerusalem

Also, there’s a long new interview out with Alan Moore by Kurt Amacker.

(via Leah Moore)

For much more on Moore, check out our Alan Moore Dossier

Flexing: A Fusion of Contortion and Break Dancing

Flexing (aka “bone breaking”) is a fusion street dance style that incorporates contortion with various other styles. The dance group in the video is the NextLevel Squad, and the music is by B’zwax. It was filmed by Yak Films, who have done hundreds of urban dance videos.

(via Boing Boing, thanks to Trevor)

Insane Rollerman Footage

(via Christopher Stumph)

Alejandro Jodorowsky Interviewed by Richard Metzger on Dangerous Minds

Occupy Your Mind: An Interview with Alejandro Jodorowsky from DANGEROUS MINDS on Vimeo.

Richard talks to Jodorowsky about Occupy Wall Street, why revolutions fail but mutation succeeds, the magical side of reality, the search for gurus and wisdom and why Twitter is the haiku of this century.

Dangerous Minds: An Interview with Alejandro Jodorowsky

Brad Neely’s China, IL to Debut Oct 2 on Adult Swim

China, IL

Adult Swim is running a first look of Brad Neely‘s China, IL featuring both Baby Cakes and the Professor Brothers. It’s strange to see the characters with pupils.

It’s scheduled to debut at midnight, Sunday October 2, but I’m not sure if that means Saturday night/Sunday morning or Sunday night/Monday morning.

Adult Swim: China, IL (Warning: video starts automatically)

Here’s one of my favorite Professor Brothers segments by Neely:

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