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Amazing video game trailer – Heavy Rain

There may be another short video game ad before the actual Heavy Rain mall scene trailer:

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Wikipedia entry

Ars Technica Review (via Cat Vincent)

US Government Releasing War Video Game

The government has developed a video game – paid for with US tax payer money – in which players “wield the latest high-tech weapons, engage terrorists in armed combat and rescue kidnapped hostages.”

Americas Army

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Flower Named After Nintendo Game

Nintendo has signed a deal with Syngenta Seed to have the flower formerly known as the Bacopa Cabana named “Pikmin” after a new Nintendo game:

How’s this for grassroots marketing? Nintendo of America, Redmond, WA, will team with Syngenta Seed, Wilmington, DE, to launch a new breed of flower named after its new “Pikmin” videogame, which rolls out this month.

Promo: Nintendo Plants a Brand Seed

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