Signum Press is a cool online zine based in the northwest and has featured writers such as R.U. Sirius and Douglas Rushkoff. They’ve covered all sorts of interesting stuff. From their Kool Keith interview:

I’m still crazy. I will still stick a screwdriver in your back if I have to. I was in the mental hospital because I’m a quick-tempered guy. It’s like with Dr. Dooom, if I didn’t write that stuff, I probably would be a mad psycho, someone who spends the rest of his life in jail. I think rap saved me, allowing me to get out a lot of my pressures on paper. At the hospital, I was getting therapy about knowing my own strength, because at the time I felt like I could just go up and punch a gorilla in the face. I actually felt like going into the Bronx Zoo at times, climbing over the cages and punching the gorilla up in the face.

Signum Press

(via Boing Boing)