Seattle Police Rounding Up Super Heroes

Phoenix Jones

A police bulletin has been sent to all officers this week, requesting they look at the Real Life Super Hero national website to get an idea of what they are dealing with.

The Rain City Superhero Movement includes the likes of Thorn, Buster Doe, Green Reaper, Gemini, No Name, Catastrophe, Thunder 88, Penelope and Phoenix Jones the Guardian of Seattle. All masked, they carry Tasers, nightsticks, pepper spray, but no firearms. […]

The police will be interviewing more member of the Rain City Superhero Movement this week, to be identified. Basically, the plot of Civil War is being carried out on the streets of Seattle – just without any dead giant black men.

Bleeding Cool: Seattle Police Almost Shoot “Superhero”

(via Cat Vincent)

My childhood self would be glad to know that I would live long enough to see the day when the real-life superhero problem would be “hard news.” My adult-self, however, disapproves of vigilantism and thinks this whole thing will only end badly.

To see in Seattle: ‘When I Come To My Senses, I’m Alive!’

When I Come To My Senses, I’m Alive! from Stephen McCandless on Vimeo.

I’m not going to have time to get up to Seattle to see this play, but it sounds great. Check it out if you’re in the area:

It runs April 23 – May 22, 2010. The play is a near-future sci-fi story about a technological provocateur who invents a method for capturing emotions as digital information, as part of a project to “chart the emotional genome.” She develops a cult following of fans who download her very addictive “emoticlips” – each delivered with cryptic, poetic file names like “the surprise of an unfamiliar memory” – and play them back in hobby-built receiver helmets. The experience is not full blown virtual reality; instead, emotional responses & sensations are triggered, and each fan experiences something unique. A seedy television executive tries to coopt her technology to syndicate the emotions of TV stars, hiring an elite P.I. to figure out what her weaknesses are when she refuses to sell out… but in the meantime, publishing digital versions of her emotions to the internet has unexpected consequences amongst the botnets of the world.

Scotto: ‘When I Come To My Senses, I’m Alive!’

Stage play about Philip K. Dick opens this weekend in Seattle

philip k dick stage play

The west coast premier of 800 Words: The Transmigration of Philip K Dick is this weekend in Seattle.



Teens apprehended in connection with illegal ninja-related activities

Last week, after months of investigation, police arrested three teens, two 15 and one 16, and seized stolen jewelry, burglary tools, a map of the city and several black ninja suits with hoods and climbing spikes.


Lewis said one of the three indicated they had been active for a year and a half, and the pranks escalated from flights across rooftops and petty vandalism.

Lewis said the teenagers used a stolen credit card to buy, online, costumes and equipment such as hand-climbing spikes, metal throwing stars and utility belts.

Full Story: Seattle PI.

(Thanks Danny Chaoflux)

Please welcome our new guest editor, Philip Shropshire

Philip Shropshire of Three River Tech Review, Majic 12, and Better Humans is joining us as guest editor for a couple weeks while I look for housing and work in Seattle. I can’t wait to see what he posts!

Popularity of hobbies by geographic location

An interesting thing about Meetup, a web site for organizing local interest groups, is that it ranks cities by number of people signed up for certain meets.

  • Burning Man City: Seattle
  • Body Modifcation City: Toronto, ON (# 2 is Tel Aviv)
  • Discordian City: Seattle
  • Magickal City: Charlotte, NC
  • Smart mob City: Denver
  • Coffee City: Chicago (Seattle was only # 6)
  • Comics City: New York
  • Dumpster Diving City: New York
  • Straight Edge City: Providence, RI
  • Pagan Parenting City: St. Louis, MO
  • Amiga City: Tel Aviv
  • Newly Single City: Toronto, ON
  • X-Men City: London (with a whopping 2 members)
  • Japanese Pop City: Houston
  • EFF City: Austin
  • Nanotech City: Minneapolis

    What’s big, city by city?

  • Tel Aviv: Pagan
  • Rio: Linux
  • Moscow: Britney Spears
  • Perth: Goth
  • Madrid: Russell Crowe
  • Cairo: Knitting
  • Stockholm: Body Modification
  • Prague: Vampire (not the game apparently…)
  • New Delhi: Sex and the City
  • Islamabad, Pakistan: Gilmore Girls
  • A Place to Chill in Seattle

    One of my favorite spots in Seattle – Polygraphic, the experimental electronic night at Thee Aurafice Coffee Bar – has a write-up in the Seattle Times.

    I shouldn’t be telling you about Polygraphic. Honestly. You see, to publicize this splendid weekly happening also violates one of those unspoken rules among ink-stained newspaper curmudgeons: Write about things we would be irresponsible to ignore, but keep the really great gems to yourself. I probably shouldn’t have revealed that either.

    Will this ruin the scene? I doubt it, though it’s crowded already. Oh well, I rarely go anyway, it’s quite a commute to make on a Tuesday night.

    Seattle Times: Beat the weeknight doldrums and just chill at Polygraphic

    See also: The Electronic Beat: Polygraphic

    Update: Thee Aurafice shut down, and Polygraphic is no more. Read the posthumous reviews on Yelp. And in 2014 There was a vigil for the long gone coffee shop.

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