Douglas Rushkoff Talks About His New Graphic Novel

Excellent interview with Douglas Rushkoff over at Pop Image.

Well, I always saw Club Zero-G as a way to express some pretty esoteric ideas in a very simple, and tangible way. So while the thinking might be inspired by Hegel, de Chardin, or Foucault, the story and characters are really straightforward. On the other hand, the premise for the story came to me in a dream – so while my dreams are probably affected by the kinds of stuff I read, this notion of a world we can all access together while we’re asleep came from my subconscious. Really, for a few days after this weird dream, I was convinced that I had been to a real place, inhabited psychically by hundreds of people I knew.

Pop Image: INTERVIEW: Douglas Rushkoff – Breaking Through

(via New World Disorder)

Glow Sticks and Pacifiers Now Considered Drug Paraphernalia. Boy Scouts and Babies Locked Away

Here is a good overview of all the foolishness that has been brought on by the drug war. Things like pacifiers and glow sticks are considered paraphernalia and clubs are underfire for having DanceSafe tables or ambulances present at raves. Brilliant. More ecstasy related deaths are just what this world needs. (Link via MetaFilter).

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