Pulse Emitter

Oregon Music News interview with Pulse Emitter, one of my favorite noise artists:

What or who was it that inspired you to start making the music that you do as Pulse Emitter? What attracted you to the world of modular synths?

It was a desire to not play in groups any longer and also to stop making music with beats. The start of the project coincided with the first synthesizer module I made, a Paia VCO. This was around 2003. I had become uninspired by the synthesizers I owned and wanted an analog synth but could not afford one at the time. Interest in synthesizers is part of what motivated me to start going to electronics school and that gave me the courage to start soldering. Building a modular was the best way I found to get the sounds and flexibility I wanted, cheaply.

You’ve released an impressive amount of music over the years. How much of it is prepared/written ahead of time and how much of it is improvisational?

My early recordings are more improvised. I don’t do that anymore. I used to record an entire album in a night or two. Now it takes months. I’m a little ashamed of how prolific I used to be, but those releases were in extremely limited editions anyway. I really take my time now.

Oregon Music News: Pulse Emitter