Three reads on the future of journalism

How to Save the News James Fallow’s piece from The Atlantic on how Google is trying to save journalism.

Will Rupert Murdoch’s plans to charge for access to his websites pay off? coverage from The Independent on News Corp.’s pay wall plans.

Putting a Price on Words New York Times Magazine on journalism start-ups attempting to the right business model for the future of journalism.

Murdoch doesn’t want you to know how much traffic the paywall will cost them

With nearly a month to go before News International raises its first paywall in June, both Times Online and Sun Online have stopped publishing their user numbers through the ABC in the UK.

March monthly figures for UK newspaper sites were issued Thursday – but both Murdoch sites are absent.

Paid Content: Before The Paywall, Murdoch Stops Disclosing UK News Site Traffic

(Think I found the link and swiped the headline from Mediabistro)

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