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New Paul Laffoley Book: Secret Universe 2

There’s a new collection of Paul Laffoley’s work out called Secret Universe 2 by Claudia Dichter and Udo Kittelmann. Other than the work printed in The Disinformation Interviews, it’s the only affordable collection of Paul’s work that I know of.

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Official Paul Laffoley website

Nick Pell’s Technoccult TV interview with Paul

Paul Laffoley awarded Guggenheim Memorial Foundation Fellowship

My work is the product of the convergence of the instantaneous practice of invention and the slow craft of art

I have always believed that my period of most complete expression and appreciation would be my late future and beyond, in Time Phase X, the final phase of Modernism in the Western world. Time Phase X began on September 11, 2001, and will continue for the next one hundred years. My term for this period is “The Bauharoque.” It combines the heroic Modernism of the German Bauhaus, with its aspiration toward a technological Utopia, and the exalted theatricality of the Italian Baroque, in which an exuberance of form and illusion serve to express the mystical union of art and life.

Guggenheim Memorial Foundation: Paul Laffoley

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How does Lost relate to Paul Laffoley, the Invisibles, and the Voudon Gnostic Workbook?

paul laffoley time machine

Full Story: Hatch 23.

Plant-covered building in South Korea

store covered entirely in plants

If you’re a fan of botanical architecture, this might just be the coolest building ever. Architects Minsuk Cho and Kisu Park of Mass Studies designed this flora-clothed multi-level building to house Belgian fashion designer Ann Demeulemeester’s store in Seoul, South Korea. The building was completed in October 2007 and takes green roofs and living walls to another level, using foliage to cover both the external and internal wall surfaces. We love that it looks as if the building is growing up from underneath the greenery, blurring the lines between plants as ornamentation or structure.

Full Story and More Pics: Inhabitat.

It’s not Paul Laffoley‘s plant house, nor even M.I.T’s plant house, but it’s an actual existing building, not just a design.

(via grinding.be)

New Key 64 with articles by Paul Laffoley, Jack Malebranche, and more

Find it all here.

Nick Pell says:

From the people who brought you occulture comes the latest, greatest issue of Key64. Since it’s relaunch this year, Key64 has brought you some of the most thought-provoking and controversial names in contemporary occultism, counterculture and fringe thought. Names like Padre Engo, Steven Grasso, and Thirty Seven. Key64 ends its first year with a bang, bringing you something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue.

Fresh from headlining esoZone: Designer Reality Expo, Boston’s most famous visionary artist Paul Laffoley explores some spooky synchronicities engulfing everything from Antonio Gaudi, the Rockefeller family, and the World Trade Centers. With his trademark homespun style, Paul puts his analytical precision and dry wit on the biggest psychic detective case of the 20th century- who killed heroic modernism?

No stranger to stirring up controversy, the Church of Satan’s Reverend Jack Malebranche is back at it again. This time he turns in a Nietzschean exploration of power, laying bare the egoic pretensions of the contemporary American middle class. With all the fury of a Spartan warrior, Rev. Malebranche evokes the best qualities of Anton LaVey’s hilarious honesty and a bare knuckle street brawl. Sure to be an instant classic.

The man behind the epic Laffoley Archive, Michael Coleman sounds off on the weirder memes from quantum theory and their consequences for contemporary esotericism. Ditch your Cartesian-Newtonian presuppositions and move into the 20th Century as Michael takes you on an odyssey through the multiverse. Fans of weird hard science take note.


Nick Pell magnanimously shares the wisdom he’s gleaned on cult leaders. Don’t leave home without reading this!

Klint Finley eulogizes the risen master Lady Jaye and asks some pressing questions about the Broken Sex project.

Lillian Grace interviews Oliviero Toscani, magus of the world of advertising who has turned commercial enterprise into transgresive art.

Lupa brings magic out of the old and musty and into the vibrant and contemporary with her culinary adventures.

Edward Wilson explains retro-active magic for those of us still scratching our heads. Then he joins forces with world famous time traveler Wes Unruh to introduce you to the talismatic text.

Kelly Kennedy gives careful, detailed attention to a subject of much interest to contemporary occultists- building a literary pantheon.

Ikpir introduces Key64’s readers to the dark arts of black radionics and sonic manipulation.

Doctor Invisible reports from his Tesseract at the farthest reaches of the chronoverse.

Podcast round-up

The G-spot Episode 19, Wes Unruh discusses DIY Gaming with Casey O’Donnell, a PhD candidate in the Department of Science and Technology Studies (STS) at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. And more.

Alterati: Adam Gorightly part 2.

Occult of Personality: Lupa on Therioshamanism.

Phase II: Paul Laffoley part 2.

Point of Inquiry: Keith Stanovich – Robot’s Rebellion: Finding Meaning in the Age of Darwin. New one this week. See also PI’s interview with Church of Satan high priest Peter Gilmore on science and Satanism.

Plus Ultra: Sue Shifrin-Cassidy, author of The World’s Greatest Email.

Phase II Podcast: Paul Laffoley interview

Paul Laffoley is the first guest on our Phase II podcast, we discuss for over 3 hours alchemy, magick, psychotronics, art, Paul’s work on the WTC & his plans for building the Gaudi hotel and that barely scratches the surface. We feel unable to write a descent biography on this man, we reccomend looking at his work @ Laffoley.com and our archival coverage of him here at phase II (bet you didn’t even know we had a search feature).

Download from: Phase II.

Grey Lodge’s videos from esoZone

Tons of video footage from esoZone.

esoZone videos on Altertube.

esoZone on Grey Pod (stay tuned!).


Fenris’s pics from esoZone.

Freeman’s highlights from esoZone

Including Foolish People, Rex Church, Paul Laffoley, and Freeman himself. Plus: Freeman’s UFO encounter on the way to esoZone.

Ikipr’s esoZone coverage

Ikipr’s posted a bunch of esoZone coverage, including audio from the art panel and some great interviews.

esoZone on Steal This Knowledge.

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