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Demian 5: When I am King

When I am King is a particularly strange but really rad online comic.

Update: My interview with When I am King artist Demian 5 is here. You can find another interview with him here.

Crazy Boss Ends, E-Sheep Returns

The psychedelic web comic Crazy Boss has been completed. It was a wonderful read, and I’m sad to see it over. But as I mourn the end of loss comic, I celebrate the return of Patrick Farley’s Electric Sheep. There’s a nice long full color comic called “Apocamon,” a manga adaption of the book of Revelations from the Bible. It’s supposed to be a 6 part bi-monthly series. (Now if only Gareth Hinds would finish Dues Ex Machina…)

Pop Image Grant Morrison Interview

There’s a new interview with Grant Morrison over at Pop Image (which is a pretty cool comic book site BTW, with online comics by Warren Ellis, Bendis, and others).

You can also check out Morrison’s New X-Men at Newsarama. Morrison will be bringing technocculture to the world’s most popular comic series. There are also a lot of comments from him and his fellow X crew and previews to Peter Milligan and Mike Allred’s new X-Force.

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