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Former Technoccult guest editor and current Black Sun Gazette editor Nick Pell on the Gspot:

Nick Pell has been a professional writer for more than half his life. He has written about culture, arts, spirituality, and politics for “Maximumrocknroll,” “Just Out,” “The Hit List,” and “Key 64.” He has also been an editor for Immanion Press and London PA.

Listen at Alterati

TNR uncovers more of Ron Paul’s racist newsletters

typical ron paul supporter

Above: typical Ron Paul supporter.

TNR’s story here.

Scans of newsletters here.

Paul’s official response.

The Paultards are still in deep denial about all of this. Read Ron Paul racist newsletter FAQ for a swift debunking of the claims of Paul’s defenders. And that was written before TNR released their selection of newsletters came out.

I doubt this will hurt Paul much. If anything, it will only galvanize his supporters (who refuse to believe anything bad about him) and attract more racist supporters.

(Hat tip and apologies to Nick Pell for the picture and caption).

New issue of Key 64 is up


Vin Al Ken – Driving through Dulce
Stephen Grasso – Live and Let Die
Nick Pell – What Kind of World Do We Live in?
Lupa – My First Experiment With Totemic Chemognosis
James M. Kilmury – Storyscape
Taylor Ellwood – Alternate Approaches for Making Sigils
Brian Shaughnessy – An Obituary For Madeline L’Engle
Reverend Ivan Stang – SubGenius Kooks
Thirty Seven – Ten Ways YOU Can Fight Fascist America!
Nick Pell – Donald Tyson’s Necronomicon Tarot Kit
Nick Pell – Raven Digitalis’ Goth Craft
Nick Pell – Peter H. Gilmore’ The Satanic Scriptures
Nick Pell – Roger Walsh MD, Ph.D.’s The World of Shamanism

Key 64.

esoZone: sorcery panel excerpt

Streaming video hosted by Altertube, shot by Vincent of C-Pan.

Moderator: Trevor Blake. Panelists: Nick Pell, Lupa, Bill Whitcomb, and Wes Unruh.

Download 8 MB clip in Quicktime format from C-Pan.

Business 2.0: Burning Man grows up

Each Burning Man has a different theme, chosen by Harvey. This year’s theme is “The Green Man.” Burning Man, an extravaganza characterized by the consumption of huge quantities of fossil fuel, has discovered environmentalism. It is attempting to offset the 28,000 tons of carbon it estimates the event generates (counting all those flights and long drives for its far-flung attendees), and the organization is belatedly switching to biodiesel generators to provide most of the event’s electricity.

Most controversially, the organization wants to bring as many green-energy companies as possible into what Harvey calls a world’s fair of clean tech. Google (Charts, Fortune 500) is going to help produce an online 3-D search service called Burning Man Earth.

Full Story: Business 2.0.

For those seeking a small, free alternative, Autonomous Mutant Fest starts this weekend. Unfortunately, I don’t think I’m going to make it down there this year, but I believe Nick Pell and some other esoZone/Portland Occulture folks will be on hand.

Androphilia author Jack Malebranche interviewed by Nick Pell

Full Video at Key 64.

Buy Androphilia here.

Check out Jack’s site.

Key 23 relaunches as Key 64

Key64. Vol2 #1



EXPANDED Living the Myth by James Curcio!

Nick Pell on light, life, love and liberty!

The Return of the Enigmatic Padre Engo!

Introduction to Zoetics!

PostModern Gnosis!


Klint Finley on the not-so-secret history of Key23!

Datamancer interviewed!

Donald Tyson reviewed!

Christopher Penczak personally insulted!

ONLY in the new Key64!

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