Injectable chip destroys cancer cells

ABC News online:

Singaporean doctors have used an injectable radioactive “BrachySil” chip to destroy malignant cells and prolong the lives of inoperable liver cancer patients.

Australian Broadcasting Corporation: Injectable chip destroys cancer cells

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Cutting-Edge Science Creates Stain-Free Pants


Scientists are wrestling with individual atoms to develop molecule-sized computers, tiny cancer-fighting robots that travel the bloodstream … and stain-resistant trousers.

Reuters: Cutting-Edge Science Creates Stain-Free Pants

Eight Technologies That Will Change the World

Business 2.0 has a well written article examining eight near-future technologies that they believe will change the world:

  1. Biointeractive Materials
  2. Biofuel Production Plants
  3. Bionics
  4. Cognitronics
  5. Genotyping
  6. Combinatorial Science
  7. Molecular Manufacturing
  8. Quantum Nucleonics

They’ve got a pretty good list, but where are the anti-cancer nano-bots? Cheap solar power? Particle transmitters/teleporters?

Business 2.0: Eight Technologies That Will Change the World

Cheap Solar Cells Could Replace Bulky, Expensive Paneling

Through the use of nanotechnology “Cheap, plastic solar cells that can be painted onto just about any surface could provide power for a range of portable and even wearable electronic devices,” CNN reports. But they’re not yet ready for deployment.

CNN: Group makes plastic solar energy cells

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A Few Catch-up Links…

Sorry about the lack of updates folks, just been busy as hell in the “real world.” Check out the following: Shamans set up code of ethics to fight shams (link via Plastic), Nanotech looms large for meds (link via Disinfo), and the new Douglas Rushkoff book will be open source (link via the Barbelith Underground). [Update: The book, Exit Strategy had “open source” annotations, but the text has since been taken down]

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