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The Rise of Predictive Policing: Police Using Statistics to Predict Crime

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The Department of Homeland security is field testing a system that will attempt to predict which passengers on an airline are planning terrorist activity, according to Nature. The system, called Future Attribute Screening Technology (FAST) looks at a number of factors, including your pulse, the steadiness of your gaze and the way you walk and calculates the probability that you’re planning to commit a crime. It’s a bit like a polygraph, but it doesn’t require subjects to be connecting to a polygraph.

DHS claims that the system is 70% effective in lab tests.

Nature: Terrorist ‘pre-crime’ detector field tested in United States

But DHS isn’t the only law enforcement agency looking to statistic modeling to predict crime. Earlier this year Slate ran a story on how police departments, including the LAPD and Chicago PD, are researching predictive policing. This projects aren’t about predicting the actions of one individual, Minority Report style, but instead are designed to help decide how best to allocate police resources.

Slate: Can police really predict crime before it happens?.

Slate on Why Minority Report Isn’t Noir

There’s a longish piece on Slate today on why Minority Report isn’t film noir, comparing it to past noir masterpieces. I think the author makes his case, though I’m not sure what the relevance is.

Slate: Steven Spielberg, Noir Criminal

Spielberg on Minority Report, Philip K. Dick

The latest issue of Wired has an interview with Steven Spielberg about Minority Report:

I thought Ridley [Scott, director of Blade Runner] painted a very bleak but brilliant vision of life on earth in a few years. It’s kind of acid rain and sushi. In fact, it’s coming true faster than most science fiction films come true. Blade Runner is almost upon us. It was ultranoir.

Wired: Spielberg in the Twilight Zone

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