I will make no attempt at drawing conclusions about who shot President Kennedy or why. Nor will I make attempts at drawing conclusions about whether or not Lee Harvey Oswald was involved in the assassination. What is interesting to me is largely contradictory nature of this man that does not seem to be explained by clinical psychology alone. That Lee had schizoid and anti-social tendencies seems clear. His upbringing at the hands of an abusive single mother and his later abusive behavior of his wife Marina speak volumes about his mental state, to say nothing of the constantly shifting allegiances and ever-appearing aliases. This tells us nothing about the man and who he was. Sharp questions remain. Was Lee Harvey Oswald working for American intelligence during his time in the Marines? When did his work for them begin? When did it end? Which of his acts are attributable to personality disorder and which are the actions of a highly trained intelligence asset? Can we draw clear lines between the two? It would seem that a person of Lee’s psychological profile- lonely but not interested in interpersonal relationships, self-destructive, violent, narcissistic- would be an ideal member of the American intelligence community. And yet, his overall intelligence and effectiveness speak against this. The KGB were confused by the man precisely because they expected him to be an agent, but he seemed too dull. Or is Lee’s mediocrity another part of his cover?

Black Sun Gazette: The Strange Case of Lee Harvey Oswald

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