At the beginning of 2004 I wrote a blog post about my goals for that year. I later wrote a Key 23 article about it, speculating it may have had a hypersigilic effect. I’m a little late this year, but I’ve got some will I want to release into the world.

Within the next couple months I’m going to launch a “not safe for work” sister site for Technoccult. I’ve been thinking about doing this for a while, but after some prodding from Dr. Menlo (uhhh… absolutely no pun intended), I’ve decided to get it going as soon as possible. The site will be a hypersigil itself, with one of the intended outcomes being me being able to actually make a living off blogging within one year.

In the mean time, I want to get back into an excercise routine (something I did last year that amazed me) and maintain the writing routine that I’ve gotten into the past couple weeks. I want to sell at least one piece of fiction this year.

Another thing I did last year was attempt to change the “creative team” of my life. At t he time it seemed like my life was written and illustrated by Peter Bagge with a soundtrack by Modest Mouse. I successfully changed it to a life written by Grant Morrison, illustrated by Philip Bond, and with a soundtrack by Gold Chains.

With the “global sci-fi lifestyle” winding down, I’d like to switch creative teams for the next year. A lower key, more fun and quirky life would be good. So I’m thinking: written and illustrated by Mike Allred (colored by Laura Allred) with a soundtrack by Pop Will Eat Itself.