Qabala/Chakras/8-Circuit Model of Consciousness Mapped

8 Circuit Model, Qabala Tree of Life and Chakras mapped to each other

Metachor’s mapped the Sephiroth, the Chakras, and the Leary’s 8 dimensions of consciousness to each other.

Full Story: Vortex Egg: Evaluating the 8-Circuit Model

Colin’s Hermetic Kabbalah

The traditions and sources that inform Hermetic Kabbalah

Extensive Hermetic Kabbalah resource.

I especially like the above diagram of the traditions and sources that combine to form Hermetic Kabbalah.

Straight forward introduction to Qabalah

I think this is nicely written.

In Hermetic, magickal, Qabalah in contrast, the ten sefirot (“sephiroth”) pertain to ten aspects of what could be called the astral or magical world. In contrast with dualistic theism, but in keeping with a neoplatonic and emanationist understanding, they are the ten intermediate stages between the indescribable infinite or Absolute (En Sof, or “Ain Soph”) and the mundane reality. They are identified with ten grades of magical initiation, the seven planets of traditional astrology (with the lowest sefirah, Malkhut, representing the Earth, and the two highest the fixed stars and the sphere of God) and with a numerological analysis of the numbers one to ten. The twenty-two paths which link the ten sefirot are identified with one of the twenty-two Hebrew letters and twenty-two Major Arcana tarot trumps). Thus, not only each sefirah has a particular archetypal meaning, but each path as well, making thirty-two archetypes altogether. By the proper means therefore it is possible to invoke any of these fundamental essences. To this end, the Golden Dawn occultists from Mathers on drew up long and elaborate tables of correspondences, listing the precise colour, animal, perfume, precious stone, mythological beings, and so on. Crowley’s book “777” (which appears to be a plagiarisation of a manuscript circulated by Mathers, with Crowley’s additional notes) give a comprehensive list of these tables of attributes.

Kheper.net: Hermetic Qabalah

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