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Kabbalah Centre expose

Expose on Madonna and Britney Spears’s school of Kabbalah:

The Bergs? luxurious lifestyle, in stark contrast to the bleak four-to-a-bedroom conditions and $35-a-month stipend they offer the full-time volunteers who cook and clean for them.

The bizarre scientific claims made by the Centre?s leaders on behalf of Kabbalah Water, ranging from its ability to cleanse the lakes of Chernobyl of radiation to its power to cure cancer, AIDS, and SARS.

The Bergs have come a long way since 1971, when Philip, then known as Shraga Feivel Gruberger, began preaching his version of Jewish mystical enlightenment to a small group of students in Israel. A onetime insurance salesman who left his wife and seven kids to marry Karen, his former secretary, Berg has become a man so revered that some of his followers believe he has the power to resurrect the dead. In the process he has created a multimillion-dollar brand out of a bastardization of an arcane branch of Judaism, larding it with pricey accessories and bold-faced names. His followers have been promised that Kabbalah can find their lost children, cure their illnesses, replenish their pocketbooks, and bring them true love. Berg himself is so above it all that even his wife refers to him, at least to the press, only by an honorific. He is ?the Rav.?

Full Story: Radar Magazine: Inside Hollywood’s Hottest Cult

(via Boing Boing).

Kabbalah Centre energy drink


In its apparent never-ending thirst for increased cash flow the so-called ?Kabbalah Centre,? run by the Philip Berg family of California and favored by Madonna, has launched a new energy drink.

The ?Kabbalah Energy Drink? is sold in a red; white and blue can and produced through the same company that puts out 7 Up.

Full Story: Cult News: Kabbalah Centre energy drink banking more on buzz from celebrities than caffeine

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