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Jack Sarfatti Interview in the SF Gate

Jack Sarfatti

Q: Let’s begin with the paradigm of the two cultures. I think most of us who grew up in the 1950s and ’60s were taught that in the intellectual world, science and the humanities were radically different.

A: The literary culture was thought to be more of a culture of feeling and intuition, where science was cold and calculated. I think that was really the basic thing. Science was highly mathematical, linear thinking, where the artistic and the creative side, the poetry, was all in the nonscientific world.

Q: Intellectuals in science and in the nonscientific fields didn’t talk to each other very much?

A: Not only did they not talk to each other, as I can remember from my own adolescence and attitude. . . . But at Cornell in the 1950s, all these bright science kids on full scholarship funded by the Defense Department would go on and on about how weak-minded and un-macho the literature students were. There was a definite sense of superiority, involving both sides against each other. There was a real split.

Q: Cornell had great scientific figures in the physics department, like Hans Bethe and Philip Morrison, and in the literature department, you had Vladimir Nabokov, one of the greatest modern authors. So there was ground on both sides of the divide for a certain arrogance.

A: Among the undergraduates, but even among the professors. If you look at Richard Feynman’s books, and Feynman was a great mathematical and physics genius, he talks about the philosophers, and he makes fun of the Cornell philosophy department. You can see the conflict, the divide, in Feynman’s autobiography, “Surely You’re Joking, Mr. Feynman!” which sold millions of copies.

SF Gate: Sunday Interview

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Real life DHARMA Initiative # 3: Esalen Institute and Physics Consciousness Research Group

Jack Sarfatti, Saul Paul Sirag, Nick Herbert, and Fred Alan Wolf

From left to right, Jack Sarfatti, Saul Paul Sirag, Nick Herbert, and Fred Alan Wolf lower right in 1974

From the Wikipedia entry on the Esalen Institute:

Esalen Institute is a center in Big Sur, California, in the United States, for humanistic alternative education and a nonprofit organization devoted to multidisciplinary studies ordinarily neglected or unfavoured by traditional academia. Esalen offers more than 500 public workshops a year in addition to invitational conferences, residential work-study programs, research initiatives, and internships. Part think-tank for the emerging world culture, part college and lab for transformative practices, and part restorative retreat, Esalen is dedicated to exploring work in the humanities and sciences that furthers the full realization of what Aldous Huxley called the “human potential”.

Esalen Institute was founded by Michael Murphy and Dick Price in 1962, and soon became known for its blend of East/West philosophies, experiential/didactic workshops, and a steady influx of philosophers, psychologists, artists, and religious thinkers.

One of the various projects of the Esalen Institute was the Physics Consciousness Research Group, founded to study time travel, ESP, consciousness after death, and other fringe subjects. Various people have made the claim that Physics Consciousness Research Group was the inspiration for the movie Ghostbusters. Jack Sarfatti, one of the founders of the Physics Consciousness Research Group, is a physicist and archetypal “mad scientist” – in fact, he claims to be the inspiration for both from Back to the Future and Egon Spangler from Ghostbusters.

MP3 Interview with Sarfatti on the R.U. Sirius Show.

Something of a memoir by Sarfatti that covers Physics Consciousness Research Group and its influence on Hollywood.

Update: How could I have forgotten Alex Burns’s classic article on Sarfatti?

A visit to the Destiny Matrix

On Tuesday, August 26, 2003, at 12:44 PM, eric wrote:


“there is some impressive “crackpottery” here. Amazing – and it’s all woven together: ufos, illuminatti, scalar weapons, psi weapons, antigravity, commies, yoga, pyramids, Mars, Germans under the ice.
This is prime material for my crackpot update list.”


Jack Sarfatti responded:

Indeed, but one must look at it from several POV. It has immense propaganda importance in the meme war on the Web. Many of the cargo cult crackpot physics ideas you see were believed and are believed by Joe Firmage for example and Joe is only the top of the iceberg of agents of influence. As another example, the whole neocon cabal in DC today is motivated by similar crackpot ideas from Leo Strauss and Trotsky and others. There is not a 100% overlap of course. The issue is that of elite cadres of extremist Bohemian revolutionary intellectuals with a secret doctrine of hidden wisdom seeking power and getting it!

They’re talking about Stephen Greer’s Disclosure Project, by the way.

Just remember that if you’ve never read anything Dr. Sarfatti has had to say before, you’d better prepare your mind for a new scale of physical scientific values.

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