Bad neuroscience coverage in newspapers criticized

On Wednesday, a second piece of spurious, brain-based punditry made its way into the opinion pages of a major newspaper. This time it’s an essay in the Los Angeles Times from psychiatrist and self-help guru Daniel G. Amen, a medical maverick who runs a chain of private brain-scanning facilities across the country. Amen doesn’t want to read the minds of swing voters; he wants to study the candidates themselves.


The proposal is doubly outlandish: first, for asserting that it’s possible to distinguish a tyrant from a peacemaker-or a philanderer from a loving spouse-on the basis of a few single photon emission computed tomography scans; and second, for suggesting that we might want to use this putative ability to make a priori judgments about anyone. (What if one of our presidential candidates turned out to have a Hitler brain-would we throw him in precautionary lockup?) Amen isn’t indulging in Swiftian irony, either. He truly believes that brain scans can predict behavior and that it’s a good idea to screen the general population for neuropathology: “I’m just always looking for the perfect brain,” he recently told the Sacramento Bee. “If I date someone long enough, they get scanned.”

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Chaos Marxism on the Church of the SubGenius

Chaos Marxism quotes Ivan Stang:

It’s like, yeah, well, for now we’ve learned all we can about the little grey men from outer space and so forth. For the time being UFOIogy does seem to be a dog chasing It’s own tall, and rife with buckets of self-delusion everywhere you look. Perhaps It might not be a bad Idea to maybe think about taking care of the spaceship that we’re on already, using something besides prayer. You know, It’s great for everybody to visualize world peace and pray and so forth, but when you talk about the hundredth monkey, you have to remember the hundredth Manson, or the hundredth Hitler. (laughter) All that other stuff.

Full Story: Chaos Marxism.

And another bit here:

So it boils down to: try to squeeze out whatever tiny crumbs of psychic nourishment you can get from the system, hang out with others of like mind when you can possibly stand them, and send more money to the Church so that Stang doesn’t have to get a job and can keep amusing you. The SubGenius Must Have Slack” translates to “The Lumpen-Creative Must Break Free of Alienation”. The problem is of course that L?kacs was right, and the end of alienation only comes with the workers-council form of organisation – something that the typical “lone nut” SubGenius working on their art or their music or their writing in splendid if paranoid isolation just wouldn’t be able to grok.

I’m not sure that’s a fair assessment – and I have the feeling Stang might not be so unfamiliar with Marxism. Oh, and there’s actually an article on activism in the newest SubGenius book by my friend and fellow PDX Occulture conspirator, Crawford.

Oh well, fuck ’em if they can’t take a joke, right?

Full Story: Chaos Matrix.

Mocking a Guy with a Hitler Mustache

The ever clever Flak Magazine comments on Hitler mustaches. One way not to look like a Nazi:

Not shave regularly, but let your hair grow into any one of the hundreds of different facial hairstyles that aren’t evil rectangles of Nazism that perch on your upper lip like a little black cockroach of moral putrescence.


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