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Okay, I’m on vacation?and should be staying away from the computer, but I just saw one of the most disturbing art exhibits I’ve ever seen.?I think it needs more attention than what it’s been getting.

“Los Desaparecidos/The Disappeared is an exhibition of works by 27 artists from seven countries in Latin America (Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Guatemala, Uruguay, and Venezuela) which brings together visual artists’ responses to the tens of thousands of persons who were kidnapped, tortured, killed, and ‘vanished’ in Latin America by repressive right-wing military dictatorships during the late-1950s to the 1980s. The artists in this exhibition approach the phenomenon of ‘disappearance’ from personal perspectives. Their paintings, photographs, sculptures, and videos express individual experiences of the turbulence and chaos that rocked their countries in the mid-decades of the twentieth century.”

One of the “paintings” was an in depth description of the torture methods from a survivor.?From?getting?electrical shocks while having water dripped on them?as they’re hanging by?their arms on hooks; to having the skin on the soles of their feet scraped off;? to?one man having his testicles ripped off slowly with string.?There were?many?scetched pictures?of?faces, and written names?of many of those who?disappeared dealing with these?dictatorships.??
?The Disappeared

Project Disappeared

Hipsters worship Mayan saint of vice

maximon alter

A Kansas City, Missouri, artist well-known for his political public performances, Ford flew 24 members of his entourage to New York last weekend to participate in Maximon, a “public audience” with the aforementioned deity. Also known as Hermano San Simon, the spirit is traditionally maintained throughout the year with offerings of tobacco, liquor, music, flowers, and incense, and is said to serve as a redemptive or protective source for the prostitutes and gang members of Guatemala. (He’s also said to symbolize male sexual power-his darker aspects lead devotees to carefully guard his visage from public view for fear that his sexuality may run rampant. Um, bring it!) Participants in Friday night’s Williamsburg show-the first here after years of the celebration in KC-were instructed to bring evidence of their vices: These gifts to Maximon supposedly “guaranteed redemption for the artists and musicians of New York.” I brought vodka. Also: receipts from Anthropologie.

Full Story: Village Voice.

(via Robot Wisdom).

Wikipedia entry for Maximon.

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