Justin Boland offers a post-mortem for Fifth Generation Warfare and a brief history of lone wolf/spree killings.

“Fifth Generation Warfare” is not catchy. Consumers need something relatable, something visual and visceral. That’s why “5GW” has devolved from the critical theory of the warrior class into the crude shock and awe of “Lone Wolf” domestic terrorism. The dumbing down process is irreversible and immune to reason, so this isn’t written as a defense of the concept so much as a post-mortem for the field. […]

So with “Cyberwar” getting a bored response from the body politic, we’ve got some product testing underway in 2012 and the “Lone Wolf” angle is a promising pitch. […]

Skilluminati: 5GWTF: The Post-Everything Future of War

Be sure to read the whole thing, and the first comment from “Eric.”