The Failure of the FBI’s Right-Wing Terrorist Infiltration Program

Long piece from Foreign Policy about the FBI’s attempted infiltration of the “Patriot Movement” during the 90s:

Despite the fact that PATCON was set up as an intelligence-gathering operation, no evidence has emerged to date that information from the operation came into play during the bombing investigation, despite the links between some of McVeigh’s contacts and the organizations targeted.

The dilemmas of PATCON point toward current debates over the use of infiltration, particularly in cases such as the NYPD’s monitoring of Muslim communities in New York, investigations predicated on the need to collect intelligence rather than build prosecutions on specific criminal activities. The value of the intelligence collected by PATCON is unclear in the final analysis. The only PATCON targets ever prosecuted were already under investigation by the Army, and none of the specific terrorist plots alleged in the FBI’s records ever came to fruition. Meanwhile, the perpetrator of the worst act of right-wing violence in U.S. history was in contact with several targets of the FBI’s investigation but apparently flew under the radar.

Foreign Policy: Patriot Games

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Imagine This: John Lennon Assassination Theories

On December 8, 1980 former Beatle John Lennon was murdered by Mark Chapman outside his apartment.

But was Chapman working alone? Lennon’s son, Sean Lennon, says no. “Anybody who thinks that Mark Chapman was just some crazy guy who killed my dad for his personal interests, is insane. Or very naive. Or hasn’t thought about it clearly. It was in the best interests of the United States to have my dad killed. Definitely,” he said.

And why should a conspiracy come as a surprise? Lennon, a radical revolutionist, had just started recording again and a new president, Ronald Reagan, had just taken office.

Fenton Bresler suggests in his book Who Killed John Lennon that Mark Chapman had been brainwashed to serve as a “Manchurian Candidate” to kill the prolific counter-culture leader.

But “Dp2Spirits” suggests that the “lone nut” theory may not be so nutty after all. On his web site he explores the synchronicity between the lives of Chapman, Lennon, Todd Rundgren, and Holden Caulfield and how they may have led Chapman to murder.

Is this geocities hosted site an attempt to throw conspiracy theorists off track, or a legit theory on workings of a bizarre mind? Or perhaps the government selected Chapman as their “Manchurian Candidate” because of his unique obsessions and worked towards deranging him further. Check out the info and draw your own conclusions.

Who Killed John Lennon Excerpts from Fenton Bresler’s book.

Lennon’s Murder an exploration of the “lone nut” theory. Were Lennon and Chapman were destined to meet?

Washington Killed Lennon Says Son an interview with Sean Lennon

The John Lennon FBI files a source of information about John Lennon, the FBI files and
the book Gimme Some Truth: The John Lennon FBI Files by Jon Wiener

FBI Rock Criticism introductory chapter of Wiener’s book Come Together: John Lennon and His Time

What If John Lennon Lived? Ideas on what the world would have been like if JFK and Lennon had not been assassinated.

Bagism An excellent John Lennon site

John and the Number 9 John Lennon and the number nine synchronicities

Paul Is Dead FAQ Information on the “Paul is Dead” hoax which has fascinated many a Beatle fan.

All Dead Except Paul an interesting idea

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