William S. Burroughs Documentary

Above is a trailer for a new documentary about William S. Burroughs, Burroughs: A Man Within.

Update: You can now buy it on DVD or watch it on Netflix.

(via What a Wonderful Place to Be)

New Robort Anton Wilson Material

Robert Anton Wilson’s new book TSOG: The Thing That Ate the Constitution has been released. Also, a documentary about Wilson called Maybe Logic is scheduled to be released this spring.

The film company, Deepleaf Productions, also plans to release a new documentary called Utopia USA featuring Noam Chomsky, Tom Robbins, Robert Anton Wilson, Riane Eisler, RU Sirius, Douglas Rushkoff, John Zerzan, Raymond Smith, Ralph Abraham, David Loye, John Mohawk, Lyn Gerry, John Kekes and Howard Zinn.

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