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Grant Morrison Discusses Forthcoming Superman Project

Grant Morrison will be doing a new monthly Superman comic called All Star Superman this June. Wow, with David Lapham on Detective Comics and Peter Milligan on X-Men, that means I’ll be buying Superman, Batman and X-Men comics every month. Weird. Now they need to get Alan Moore or Neil Gaiman on Green Lantern…

Full Story: Newsarama

Read Another Free Comic Online: Stray Bullets

My next door neighbor recently turned me on to the comic book Stray Bullets, which I’d been meaning to read for a while. To my surprise, it’s nothing like other crime/noir comics. It’s a series of “slice of life” stories about people who happen to be criminals. The writer/artist/publisher David Lapham has published the first four issues for free online

Innocence of Nihilism: Free Reads

You can also buy the first volume on Amazon.

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