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10 Mysterious Undeciphered Scripts

Liber Linteus

As if a linen book from a long-gone civilization weren’t fascinating enough, the origin of the Liber Linteus makes it even more morbidly amazing: it was once the wrappings on a mummy. Most of the Liber Linteus writings, which were removed from the female Egyptian mummy and later made into a book in the 19th century, can’t be translated because they were written in the little-understood Etruscan language. But what little scholars can understand reveals it to be some sort of ritual calendar.

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Imagine Re-Designing Reality

Just hypothetically, of course. It only has to work on paper. You could also use legos, or design a computer program, or make several million dollars just to prove a point with it. Any which way, imagine being able to free up your mind enough to achieve a truly blank slate. Imagine re-building a culture that’s not based on suspicion, fear and struggles for control. How much could humans change? Would it take a few generations to achieve-or just a couple really great parties?

Full Story: Brainsturbator (includes link to PDF copy)

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