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Rev. Ivan Stang Retires as President of the Chuch of the SubGenius

The press release:

Rev. Ivan Stang announced today his retirement from the SubGenius Foundation, citing his ill demeanor and declining patience with internal conflict among the members of the SubGenius Church, appointing long-time collaborator Dr.K’taden Legume to the position of President and CEO of the Foundation.

Rev. Stang will continue to produce his nationally syndicated radio program, “The Hour of Slack”, and attend personal speaking engagements. Rev.Stang later commented, “I’m sick to death of dealing with idiots when my time can be better spent attempting to capture the vicious Jaggi”.

Dr.Legume immediately appointed Priestess Pisces as his VP, and stated that his first order of business is to examine the membership rolls and “weed out the dead weight and the malcontents”.

Legume announced that there will be a huge addendum to the church’s list of banned members prohibited from attending the SubGenius Foundation’s annual X-Day event, to be released to the public on June 30.

“This is the beginning of a new era for the SubGenius Church”, Legume stated earlier today, “My vision for the SubGenius Church is a radical departure from the tolerant policies of the past. While I expect it to be rough at the beginning as the flock gets used to the idea of a more controlled environment and more selective and stringent requirements for membership and participation in the SubGenius community, they will realize, that, as always, my way is the best way…the ONLY way. I expect this will be a new golden age for the SubGenius Church.”

Dr.Legume will be receiving a six figure salary commensurate with his duties and experience.

From: The Office Pulpit of Rev. Ivan Stang

Here’s a sermon from Dr.K’taden Legume at the Baltimore SubGenius Devival 2007

Cyclone of Slack pictures and video

ivan stang at the cyclone of slack in portland, or

power circus

The Cyclone of Slack has posted links to some media from the event. If you have more they’d love to know about it.

Cyclone of Slack: we want your pictures (videos, audios, whatever)

Case against SubGenius mom dismissed

Good news!

GOOD NEWS, EVERYONE!! I don’t have the official documents yet, but my lawyer informs me that the Appellate Division has dismissed the case against me! This means the jurisdiction of my case will move from Orleans County, NY to here in Georgia …where I live, so I can never again be forced to leave my home & rent an apartment in New York to fight the case!

It also upholds the current joint custody agreement that lets my son reside with me [as long as no SubGenius materials are in my house]! I’ll be sure to post scans of the papers when I get them, and of course there’s probably some kind of legal loopholes that might come up, but this is GREAT news! Thank you so much everyone, I could never have gotten here without you!!

I do still owe about $50,000+ in legal bills, and the payments are getting really tough to make with my husband laid off, so if anyone has a bit to spare, I promise to send massive Slack waves of thanks for your donation!

The High Weirdness Project

Trevor Blake writes:

It might seem a waste of Rev. Magdalen’s money and the tax-funded court system to spend so much only to have things return to the way they were in the first place, with Rev. Magdalen having custody of her son. But one concrete change did occur in all this. Rev. Magdalen is forbidden from having SubGenius material in her home. SubGenius material such as books I helped write. If you have my writing in your home, if you have SubGenius material in your home, if you have children, this case should matter to you. You may be next to spend $140,000 for the privilege of being left alone, minus some of your stuff.

To donate directly to Rev. Magdelen, use paypal to send any amount to magdalen@subgenius.com. To send funds to her lawyer write or call Christopher S. Mattingly 42 Delaware Ave Ste 120, Buffalo, NY 4202-3924 USA (telephone: +1-716-849-1333 ext 351).

It’s amazing and disgusting that she is still being denied the right have SubGenius materials in her home. How can this possibly be legal?

Announcing PDX Devival

cyclon of slack

After EsoZone, enjoy the Cyclone of Slack!



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an utter lack of NENSLO!

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SubGeniuses in trouble

Reverend Magdalen is fighting to keep the New York court system from taking her children away from her because of her involvement with the Church of SubGenius. The Taphouse Cabal is doing some fundraising.

More details here.

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