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Church of Satan documentary on YouTube

Satanis: The Devil’s Mass, a 1970 documentary about the Church of Satan, is now on YouTube. Unfortunately, it’s a censored copy. I saw the DVD release of this and it’s great.

(Thanks Bill!)

Podcast round-up

The G-spot Episode 19, Wes Unruh discusses DIY Gaming with Casey O’Donnell, a PhD candidate in the Department of Science and Technology Studies (STS) at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. And more.

Alterati: Adam Gorightly part 2.

Occult of Personality: Lupa on Therioshamanism.

Phase II: Paul Laffoley part 2.

Point of Inquiry: Keith Stanovich – Robot’s Rebellion: Finding Meaning in the Age of Darwin. New one this week. See also PI’s interview with Church of Satan high priest Peter Gilmore on science and Satanism.

Plus Ultra: Sue Shifrin-Cassidy, author of The World’s Greatest Email.

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