Two interviews in wishtank magazine with Just Boland (aka Thirtyseven aka Humpasaur Jones aka Wombat) of Wombaticus Rex, Brainsturbator, and Algorhythms fame.

Well, I woke up to the fact that having a dozen outlets makes me twelve times less effective. The biggest push of my past few months has been integrating myself into something leaner. My name is Justin Boland at the end of the day, and I wake up in the same body I went to sleep in. A lot of the old pranks I was doing, like DJ Multiple Sex Partners, are going to get tossed over my shoulder as I march into 2008.

I am the CEO. Nobody else could be, it’s not something I could ‘install’ inside my head-I’m either being it, or I’m dicking around and being lazy. I really have come to see that all the different sides of my personality were mostly just me being self-indulgent. All the personas were experiments. I don’t regret any of this, but I’m not going to keep doing it, either. My focus right now is live performance, which is the best form of testing and feedback I’ve ever found. In the past year I’ve gotten digital promotion down pretty well, but it’s only ever a supplement to actual communication with actual people.

I’m also very aware of the fact I’ve shouldered responsibility for the careers of my friends. Starting World Around Records has forced me to get my shit together because the only excuse for not doing so would be ‘I allowed myself to fail.’ As someone who recently changed my life says, ‘I would rather chew glass for 18 years.’

Interview 1.

Interview 2.