William Blake:What Paintings of Visions Come

A poet and painter, William Blake is considered to be a man who gave back Britain a sense of identity, at a time when the French and American Revolutions were doing the same in those countries. But above all, Blake was a mystic, a visionary, with at least one foot in the Otherworld – if not more.”

link- Philip Coppens

British military funds sex changes

“Britain’s Ministry of Defense says it has paid for sex-change operations for as many as five serving soldiers.” Read all about it here:

A spokesman said on Saturday that “a small number, no more than five” soldiers had undergone gender reassignment operations funded by the ministry.

“The MoD medical services provide similar services to the military that are available to civilians on the National Health Service,” he said.

“If the doctors treating a soldier think there is an appropriate and genuine need, then surgery is considered.

“There have been a small number of operations carried out. We do not have the surgical facilities for the surgery. It is carried out by the National Health Service,” he said.

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