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In Case You Missed It…

The Corridor of Madness had a nice discussion on Humanity Hacking recently.

Douglas Rushkoff’s Internet forum for his NYU class has been discussing Grant Morrison’s The Invisibles. So if you haven’t joined in yet, now might be a good time.

… and if you’ve got $500 to spend, you could always buy David Woodard’s interpretation of Brion Gysin’s Dream Machine.

Eyes Wide Shut: Genesis P Orridge on Brion Gysin

A Guardian article about Gysin by P Orridge

To me, Gysin was the source of the energy we associate with the most radical experiments of the Beats. He was the real source of the ideas; other people just applied them. That was a really important shift in my appreciation of the Beatnik phenomenon. From that moment I was hooked, fascinated and impressed by each layer of Gysin I discovered. As I peeled things away over the years, I was never disappointed. There was never an end to it. He was the only person I’ve met whom I would unquestioningly call a genius.

Guardian: Eyes wide shut

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