The animals knew: tsunami kills people ind Sri Lanka, but not animals

As Sri Lanka’s human death toll surged, wildlife officials expressed surprise Wednesday that they found no evidence of large-scale deaths among animals from the weekend’s massive tsunami.

Full Story: AP: Tsunami kills people in Sri Lanka, but not animals

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Eris lost her frog

Sounds like a Sam Kieth comic:

A 9-year-old Minnesota girl found a five-legged frog with 23 toes near Stewartville, Minn., according to a report. … Experts say the animals are particularly sensitive to pollutants, which can be absorbed through their skin. Because of that, deformed frogs are considered a sign of environmental problems.

local6: Minn. Frog Found With 5 Legs, 23 ToesSome Experts Disturbed By Discovery

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Primates May Have Walked the Earth with Dinosaurs

According to an article on the BBC, the primates from which humans evolved may have originated 85 million years ago – 20 million years earlier than originally estimated and before the extinction of dinosaurs.

BBC: Primate ancestor lived with dinos

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Shark Born Without Father, Dies

A bonnethead shark was born in an all female tank at the Henry Doorly Zoo, but zoo officials have no idea how. The shark died within five hours of birth. Link (via Plastic).

Update: The above link is dead, but there’s some new information about this incident.

Dogs To Talk by Next Year

A gadget that analyses a dog’s whines and growls and translates them into words will be launched next year.

The “Bow-lingual”, developed by Japanese toy manufacturer Takara Co. Ltd, consists of a six-centimetre dog collar microphone that transmits sounds to a palm-sized console. The console uses 200 different words, including “fun”, “boring” and “happy”, to translate six basic dog “emotions” in real time.

New Scientist: Gadget puts words in dog’s mouth

Update: This actually was released, and was selected by Time as one of the best inventions of 2002, even though it didn’t really work (the Roomba was selected that year as well). See Wikipedia for details.

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