The Quest to Find the First Soundscape

Alexis Madrigal on his quest to find the first recordings of the urban soundscape:

Could I go back a hundred years and listen to New York or Paris?

When it comes to film, you can see all kinds of old places. Sometimes even in high resolution, thanks to the work of archivists like Rick and Megan Prelinger. These films are incredibly important records for historians and citizens alike. They give us eyes in the past.

There’s an amazing film sequence of San Francisco in 1905. A camera was placed on a streetcar and driven down Market Street, the diagonal that cuts through the city’s core. Pedestrians, cars, carts, horses, the whole dizzying array of urban life before electricity and the automobile turned our cities inside-out. We recognize our buildings, but not our city. Similar recordings exist of most major cities.

I figured that there had to be similar documentation of the metropolitan soundscape, or any soundscape really.

But there isn’t.

Full Story: The Atlantic: The Quest to Find the First Soundscape

Cool Ritual Music Blog: Ritualistic Nature

From the blog’s description:

The objective of this blog its to post music related with Ritual music, in traditional ethnic way or on Modern side, Ambient, Tribal, Drone, Field Recordings, Dungeon Synth etc. with a strong inspier in NATURE and is cycles.

There will be a predominance of Ritual Ambient music, a sub-genre of dark ambient.

Ritualistic Nature

Cult of Zir Live at X-Day 2011

Cult of Zir live at Wisteria Campground in Pomeroy, OH July 4, 2011. Video taken by reverend SCUM!

There’s a new Cult of Zir album up at Bandcamp.

Previously: Cult of Zir Live at Pocket Sandwich (Video)

My interviews with Cult of Zir can be found here and here.

Exploration of different dark ambient styles

This is a video series by Unknownmathew22 exploring different styles of dark ambient music.

Dark Ambient, Example: Lustmord
Noise Ambient, Example: Aube
Clinical Ambient, Example: CircumLiver

Four more videos

Return to the Wasteland available now! Plus: Down Nightmare Lab for FREE

Psychetect - Return to the Wasteland


<a href="http://psychetect.bandcamp.com/album/return-to-the-wasteland">Awakening by Psychetect</a>

(Album cover by Ian McEwan and Danny Chaoflux)

Return to the Wasteland is now available as a digital download f- 50 cents per track, or $2.50 for the whole album. It’s being released on a Creative Commons license, so you will be allowed to share it freely.

You can also download a remastered edition of my first EP called Nightmare Lab for FREE.

Physical CD copies will be available for sale at the CD release party. I’ll perform live, along with Soup Purse and Cult of Zir. Details:

The Parlour
2628 SE Powell Blvd
Portland, OR 97202
8:00 PM

I’ll also be playing at the Olympia Noise Festival:

Hall of the Woods
3712 Sapp Rd. SW
Olympia, WA 98512
March 3/6 – 3/7

I’ll be playing on Sunday March 7th, sometime during the afternoon “noise brunch”.

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