Touching the Void

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Amazing true story of survival and the strength of the human will. Two mountaineers, Simon Yates and Joe Simpson climb the Suila Grande in Peru. They reach the summit, and on the descent (where about 80% of all fatalities happen) Joe breaks his leg. Simon attempts to help him down the mountain when Joe is left hanging over an icy cliff by a rope with no ability to climb it. Simon realizes that if doesn’t cut the rope they both will die, and he cuts the rope. Joe falls into a crevice, and is given up for dead. The story then focuses on Joe’s journey, injured and alone, but determined to make it back to base camp alive. With the mountain as a metaphor for life and death, this movie is an inspirational testament for the indomitableness of the human body and spirit.

(“Touching the Void” pts 1-12)

Exclusive Interview: Sir Ranulph Fiennes


“In part one of an exclusive interview, Sir Ranulph Fiennes discusses his recent attempt on Mt Everest in aid of Marie Curie Cancer Care with Trail Magazine’s Simon Ingram. Here, Sir Ran reveals what it was like going back to Everest, what happened in the last 24 hours, and why he turned back.”

(via Live For The Outdoors. Also:Part 2)

(Marie Curie Cancer Care)

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