Yup, it’s coming. 23 has manifested in Hollyshitwood. Will it be good? Hard to say.

Statistically, what is the ratio of “good” that comes out of there? It’s a Joel Schumacher film. He has Falling Down to his credit (more of Michael Douglas’s doing, me thinks), and some fans of Flatliners, Tigerland (which I enjoyed), and The Lost Boys. Giving him a half-point for the last three, we’ll call that two and a half decent full films out of the 24 listed directorial entries (to date) on IMDb, which gives him an 10.4% chance to make another decent film. Take into account that the screenwriter attached to The Number 23 hasn’t done anything prior to it… and we’re looking at a winner. Yay.

More scientificalistically, taking all the IMDb rankings for his 24 films wields us an overall average of 6.18 for Schumacher films. More yay.