German Scientists claim to break Light-Speed Barrier

According to Einstein’s special theory of relativity, surpassing the speed of light, approximately 300,000km/second, is impossible because it would take an infinite amount of energy to accelerate an object past that speed. However, two German scientists claim to have surpassed this limit by use of a phenomenon known as “quantum tunneling.”

The scientists – whose claims have yet to be verified by the scientific community at large – performed an experiment where microwave photons appear to travel almost instantaneously between two prisms in a “tunnel” where instant travel – and an apparent violation of the laws of special relativity – took place.

Full story at ZDNet.

Poe Gravesite “Mystery Man” Revealed

For years, a mysterious man in black visited the gravesite of legendary author and poet Edgar Allan Poe, leaving three roses and a bottle of cognac at the headstone. The regular visitor became a local phenomenon, and Life Magazine even published a picture of the mystery mourner in a 1990 issue. Now, a 92-year-old man who spent years fighting to preserve the historic site of the author’s final resting place has come forward with an answer.


Amputee Sleipnir Lamb born in modern Midgard

From WFTV Florida’s “Strange News Photos”, check out this picture of a seven-legged lamb. The lamb was born on a farm in Metheven, on the South Island of New Zealand, where the most recent silver-screen incarnation of The Lord of the Rings was filmed after Peter Jackson decided it was the best location to emulate his vision of J.R.R. Tolkien’s epic Middle Earth. Gandalf/ Odin was quoted as saying, “The only thing worse than the stretch is the title.”

Installation Artists think deep with to-be-destroyed home

Installation artists Dan Havel and Dean Ruck get creative with a house slated for demolition by building this trippy “warp zone” illusion. From, with more pics.

Man saves Burker King Workers from “Vampire Peacock”

Now if we only knew who he was, and why he thought the peacock was a vampire.

The 7-year-old male peacock had wandered into the Burger King parking lot last week. Employees were feeding it bread when a man appeared and began beating the animal. When they employees asked him what he was doing, the man replied, “I’m killing a vampire!”

Police were called (to deal with the man or the vampire peacock?), but the man disappeared when they arrived. The bird was so badly beaten it had to be euthanized.

From CNN News

Norway to host Witchcraft Experts

A small Northern European town will host three days of lectures, discussions, and film showings as the International Midnight Sun Witchcraft Conference descends on Vardo, Norway. The conference is being hosted by universities from the United States and Scandinavia, and will also feature discussions on shamanism and on the issue of cultural persecutions of witchcraft, both in a historical context and in examples from around the world in the modern day.

The original article (complete with stereotype-propagating image and obligatory Harry Potter mention) from BBC News.

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