Book of Thoth site is now

Though it only just launched in March of this year, the Book of Thoth site has gotten something of an overhaul, and now features more conspiratorial content in addition to the usual stuff on Egypt, Magick, and the Tarot:

ThothWeb remains the only site on the internet to exclusively publish never before translated Egyptian texts including the 5,000 year old ?Alchemy of the Soul? which is one of the few texts to survive the destruction of pagan texts by the Roman church almost 2,000 years ago.

The site also has exclusive transcriptions over 140 UFO press clippings that had made headline news over a fifty-year period, from the Foo Fighters, Roswell and beyond. Thothweb has also collated some of the most amazing UFO quotations ever made, straight from the lips of presidents, the military and the government, providing a unique resource for all UFO researchers.

New Silver Jews Album Blessed by Witches

Poet/alt-country genius David Berman (lead singer of the elusive Silver Jews), in an interview with Pitchfork attesting to the fact that his band’s latest album, Tanglewood Numbers, got a little help from the occult:

Joe Funderburk, the guy who mixed this album… is a white witch from Gulfport, Mississippi. During mixing he would have to take days off to go in the woods with the other witches and warlocks. One day he invited [Steve] West [the drummer] and I. I did not want to go, but we were just getting to know Joe and his wife, Rowena, and both of us wondered if we insulted them by not attending their rituals [whether] they would cast some curse on the record…. So I made West go. Apparently, he danced naked in the woods. He was gibbering and covered in blood when he returned. I made him promise never to tell me what happened that night.

Ken Wilber’s Integral Spiritual Center

Integral philosopher Ken Wilber has launched a new venture hot on the heels of Integral Naked, this one dedicated to promoting and exploring his “post-metaphysical” approach to mysticism. Participants in the Integral Spiritual Center include noted Kabbalists Reb. Marc Gafni and Reb. Zalman Schachter-Shalomi, Patrick Sweeney (heir to the controversial Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche), Putting on the Mind of Christ author Jim Marion, Father Thomas Keating, Omega founder Elizabeth Lesser, and many others.

To mark the occasion, the characteristically prolific Wilber has penned a 118-page paper introducing the post-metaphysical approach, which includes a critique of Spiral Dynamics and a theoretical preview of the sequel to his admittedly lame “postmodern” novel Boomeritis. Wilber does all of this amidst growing concerns of the perceived cult-like nature of his organization and deficiencies of his four-quadrant model.

One thing is for certain, you’ll be hearing a lot more from Wilber later this year.

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