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Minutemen To Patrol US-Canadian Border

Check this out:

They are coming with night-vision goggles, cellphones and possibly guns. They plan to unfold their lawn chairs within spitting distance of the Canada-U.S. border on Oct. 1.

What are they trying to do? Keep Americans from escaping to Canada? Or since Bubba’s job has been outsourced to China and he can’t afford cable anymore he’s going to spend his free time kicking back in a lawn chair watching the border for Fox News phantasms of Terror Masters creeping through the Canadian forests? Or is it just some excuse to get in a little varmint hunting? (and man, if they ever do anything to hurt bigfoot . . .)

Article here.

Spy v. Spy: Bob Novak, the CIA’s MOCKINGBIRD program & the Plame/Wilson Scandal

Robert Novak? CIA operative?

It is the opinion of this writer, that Robert Novak has been part of Operation MOCKINGBIRD for a very long time. (As has the Post’s Bob Woodward, and through which he gained the acumen for to reach and sustain a relationship with “Deepthroat”–now known to be the FBI’s then-second-in-command, Mark Felt.) Someone (and it appears certain now, that it is either Novak or Rove) knew definitively of Valerie Plame’s employment history. If the source was Novak, that he is also a CIA agent, working within a long-standing media-infiltration project, would be a winning bet.

If Robert Novak is employed by the Central Intelligence Agency via Operation MOCKINGBIRD, and if for whatever reason he confirmed Valerie Plame-Wilson’s identity to Karl Rove, it appears now that Mr. Rove is turning on his ultimate Source: a man who is very likely to be CIA himself. Spooks will be spooks, and spooks–as with any two humans–often don’t like each other. But Federal statutes are also Federal statutes, and the citizenry can’t be expected to abide by that which our Masters do not. What’s good for the goose, etc.

Complete article here

Northern Light

Tony was in town, I found out through his blog too late, but we managed to hook up for drinks and healing herbs before he took the plane back up to his northern abode. We should have taken it a sign when our cosmo-personal speculations interpretations and effusions were interrupted by a swarm of speed-daters and were cast out into the night pulled along by Tony’s dog Aurora that our meeting would end fuzzed out by beer and the voices of karaoke angels.

Fuck Work

This article by Mark Morford corresponded and expanded on my internal state of late, as I ponder my present situation and future as a over-educated and under-skilled wage slave lorded over by corporate borg people, every bodily and mental fluctuation measured by increasingly Matrix-like productivity software if the cubicle farm was a work camp, as lines of flight open up and flower with the grace of Allah. This is pretty good too.

Homeless Wisdom

I was kind of tripped out reading this article about Jorn Barger – blog pioneer and man behind the great Robot Wisdom blog – a while back. Jorn as a homeless blogger wearing a Google cap and carrying a panhandler sign that reads “Coined the term ‘weblog,’ never made a dime.” This scene signifies something, but I don’t know what.

Narratives and nascent technologies.

Telling stories around the fire in our extopian future.

Hiatus From The Hiatus

Back to the blogs after my little holiday tracing the gunrunning trails of Rimbaud’s post-poetry exile for a prose poem comissioned by Harper’s . . . more like excruciating editing on my novel of my wayward small-town youth, slowing picking away at it on sober nights, until I’m sick of being boiled alive in this cube i call home during this record hot summer of war until I can’t take it anymore and am forced out into the streets and into the bar where I brainstorm and bullshit which could be loosely called New World Disorder 2.0 (set for release in 2012). OK. Outta the way, bitch. I have a few posts to get off of my chest.

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