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Game over for Ong’s Hat and the Incunabula papers?

Joseph Matheny, who has been bringing the Incunabula Papers and the legend of Ong’s Hat to cyberspace for years has announced he will author his final chapter of the Incunabula Papers titled Game Over? The final chapter will apply game theory to the Ong’s Hat fiasco and will question whether it is really over.


Someone, for some reason, wanted Tesla’s work suppressed…

At the top of the suspected conspirator list is Thomas Edison. Edison despised his former employee’s success with AC, and it is known that he set out on a campaign to smear Tesla’s name. He held demonstrations at which animals were lethally electrocuted with AC-powered devices, in a deceptive and inhumane effort to warn the public of the danger posed by Tesla and Westinghouse’s “unsafe” new electrical system. Edison also sat on the War Department advisory board that rejected Tesla’s proposals of the death ray and his radar-like device.

J. P. Morgan is also implicated in the anti-Tesla cover-up. Morgan counted on increasing his already monumental wealth by exploiting Tesla’s ideas, until he learned that Tesla was considering the free distribution of energy — a terrifying idea to any self-respecting capitalist. He ended his funding of Tesla’s experiments at once, and some think he used his considerable clout to ensure that no one else would bankroll Tesla’s threatening schemes[Source]

Tesla’s (web archived) life story: index, chapter 1, chapter 2, chapter 3, chapter 4, chapter 5, chapter 6 (originally hosted at

There was a PBS documentary, and there’s some interesting (albeit derivative) information at on modern uses ov Tesla’s inventions and research, from radio transmitters to weather control to transcranial magnetic stimulation through electromagnetic fields (God HelmetsDIY)

(and that’s without mentioning Project Rainbow, the Montauk Project, or the whole Ong’s Hat mess)

Another do-it-yourself project: Building a Tesla Coil

personally, I think Tesla rocked

Incunabula Has a Blog

Incunabula, who publish all that weird Ong’s Hat stuff, have an unspeakably cool blog. I would love to steal all their links!

Incunabula Blog

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U.S. Attorney says anti-drug war documentary is paraphernalia

Five years after taking the lead in “Operation Pipe Dreams,” which prosecuted people who sold marijuana pipes around the country, U.S. Attorney Mary Beth Buchanan is leading a similar investigation called “Operation True Test.”

The newest project for Ms. Buchanan is looking into companies that sell “masking products” that are supposed to help drug-users pass employer drug tests.


Only a small amount of product was seized during the search Wednesday, Ms. Kinsley said.

The main items taken were documents — including bank records, business documents and order forms.

Also seized, Mr. Chong said, were 8,000 to 10,000 copies of the recently released documentary “a/k/a Tommy Chong,” a film chronicling his journey through arrest, prosecution and nine-month prison term.

“It’s a way to punish the distributor financially,” Mr. Chong said. “There’s no way to get the DVDs back until the investigation is over.” Mr. Chong said he has no ownership in the film.

He called the documentary a “focal point” of the raid. It was released about a month ago, and sales were slow, Mr. Chong said.

“It’s selling like crazy now, thanks to Mary Beth. She’s brought us a nice publicity gimmick.”

Ms. Buchanan would not comment on Mr. Chong’s allegation or discuss what alleged crimes are being investigated as part of Operation True Test.

Full Story: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

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Wireless Music’s New Social Sound

Oh yeah, this is what I’m talking about:

As one participant naturally sways to the groove, the PDA’s motion sensor detects his motion and shifts the tempo of the song. With the song’s intensity building, another listener subconsciously grips her PDA tighter, introducing echo effects into the mix. The closer that listening partners move to each other, the more prominent their part in the song becomes. Meanwhile, the software applies various “error correction” techniques to prevent an onslaught of arrhythmic noise, unless of course that’s the goal. As they listen to it, the mobile music orchestra transforms the tune into a dubby, spacey version of the familiar Bjork song. […]

An artist, he says, might release a song from an upcoming album specially prepared for the Malleable Music System. Someday, malleable music may even become an art form in its own right, leading to a duet between the artist and the audience.

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